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CES Next week

Well, we survived another holiday season only to be confronted with the huge CES trade show taking place next week in Las Vegas. We will be down there taking notes on the new releases, and we will write them up as soon as we can.

We were expecting to post a review of the BenQ W10000 this week, but some technical issues have arisen during the course of the review that we want to get resolved before publishing it. We are talking with BenQ and hope to have everything clarified by early next week. Meanwhile, we were happy to see the new Viewsonic Cine5000 arrive yesterday, so we will get busy with that review as well.

After careful review of each of the 1080p projectors that were released in the last part of 2006, we are happy to announce that the second recipient of our new Editor's Choice Award will go to the Panasonic AE1000. Our second look at a production sample showed significant improvement in HD image sharpness over what we had seen in the pre-production unit. Its precise rendering of HD detail was matched only by the Mitsubishi HC5000 in the 1080p products under $7,000. The AE1000's superb performance with standard definition material and its aggressive street price were additional factors that tipped our decision in favor of this remarkable projector. Congratulations to the crew at Panasonic for delivering a truly outstanding 1080p projector.

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