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Possibly a Highly Influential Product Release

Just a quick update, since I know everyone is wondering about the review schedule. We plan to post the review of the Sanyo Z2000 on Monday afternoon, and the Panasonic AE2000 next Friday. However, the Sanyo review will include comments on the Panny AE2000 as well.

The Sanyo Z2000 is a surprisingly strong competitive offering. It has not had as much buzz as some of the other 1080p models released this fall, but it is delivering superb picture quality for a ridiculously low price of just $2,195 after rebate. And that price includes a 3-year warranty. Though it hasn't yet captured as much attention as some of the higher profile models, it will very soon. From my perspective, the Sanyo Z2000 may turn out to be the most influential product release of the season as it sets a new benchmark in 1080p price/performance.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience as we work through all of these units.

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