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Holiday Review Schedule

We've just posted the latest 1080p projector review, that of the InFocus Play Big IN82. This is a very bright high resolution projector that is particularly good for ambient light display.

I will be out of town next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. So there won't be any postings next week, and I won't be able to respond to emails. We have several more reviews in the works that we plan to get done in the last week of November and the first weeks of December prior to Christmas. Those include the BenQ W500, the Epson Home Cinema 720p, the Epson Cinema 1080 UB, the JVC DLA-RS2, and a new SXGA+ model, the Canon REALiS SX7.

These reviews are tentatively scheduled and are subject to the arrival of the review samples from the manufacturers in the time frames we expect them. We do have the BenQ W500 under review right now, so that one will definitely be posted the week of November 26. But we are still awaiting the arrival of the others.

We wish you all a very safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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