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The Choice for the Videophile Purist

We are still working through the review of the JVC DLA-RS2. I was hoping to have it done by today, but it will take another couple of days to wrap up some details. Overall, this is a beautiful projector, and a definite step up from the outstanding RS1. Contrast, black levels and color saturation exceed the RS1. In addition, several of the features we would have preferred to see on the RS1 have been added to the RS2, including HDMI 1.3 and anamorphic lens compatibility. The RS2 is not quite as bright as the RS1, but it is plenty bright enough for light controlled home theater. The DLA-RS2 will definitely be the choice for the videophile purist with the budget to get the best 1080p...

projector under $10,000. The full review should be posted by about Tuesday.

We have not yet received either of the new Epson models, so we will wait no longer. We are going to complete the 5-star ratings of all of the 1080p models we've reviewed so far, and we will review the Epson machines later as they become available. The 5-star ratings on all of the 1080p projectors that we have reviewed this fall will be posted next week.

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