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We have just completed the 5-star ratings of the 1080p models. They have been added to each of the reviews. There was one slight modification to the rating of the JVC RS2 we posted day before yesterday. Initially I had given it 5 stars for features. And indeed it is a remarkably well-featured projector. But no projector in the home theater category is as fully loaded with extra features as the Panasonic AE2000, so that model alone received 5-stars for features, and we've adjusted the RS2 to 4.5.

Editor's Choice Awards in the 1080p category have been given to the JVC DLA-RS2 and the Panasonic AE2000. These are two different projectors in quite different price categories, but they both deliver outstanding and truly exceptional value for the money. The JVC RS2 was the only product to receive a full 5-star rating for performance, based on its extraordinary black level, contrast, and color saturation that stands out above all of the competition.

The Mitsubishi HC6000 and Sanyo Z2000 also scored very high overall, and both are listed as Highly Rated. Our only concern with the Mitsubishi HC6000 was a price point that is higher than we felt appropriate given the intense competition. But if you can get dealers to come down a bit, the HC6000 is indeed a beautiful projector and we have no doubt you will love it. Meanwhile,the Sanyo Z2000 is an excellent value in 1080p resolution considering its very low price.

The Sony VPL-VW60 is an impressive product as well. Owners of this model will no doubt get great satisfaction from its beautiful picture. We had a bit more difficulty with color balance on our test unit than we did with other models, and contrast, while very good, was not as exceptional as the 35,000:1 rating would lead one to anticipate. But it is a very good projector in a highly competitive field of impressive products.

The InFocus IN82 is a good projector for those who need extra light output, and want to have the entire system installed by professionals. If that sounds like you, then check it out. For do-it-yourself home theater hobbyists, we feel it is overpriced for what it delivers.

We have yet to see the Epson Cinema 1080 UB. But we will review it as soon as we can. It promises to be another strong offering in the 1080p market that is, at this point, populated by good options. You can pretty much take a pick in the dark between the models we've seen, and no matter which one you end up with, you will have a picture that beats anything you've seen before.

Thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell

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