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How About Screens?

We have completed the construction of our contrast testing facility, and I will be posting an article focused on contrast specifications in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, we have received two new 1080p projectors, and reviews of both of them are underway. These are the Infocus Play Big IN83, and the Viewsonic Pro8100. Right behind them is the Optoma HD65.

How about screens? In addition to the ongoing projector reviews, we've added screens to our agenda for this spring. People keep asking for recommendations on inexpensive but good quality screens, so we are requesting samples of 100" fixed frame screens that sell for under $500 from a variety of vendors. After we've had a chance to light them up, we'll report back on the best screens and the best values. We've just started this project, so I'm thinking it will be done in the last part of April.

Photography, anyone? How interested are you in the best projectors to select specifically for the display of photography? If you'd like to see an article written on this topic,I'd like to know how you'd plan to use a projector for photography. That would help us define the scope of the article.

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