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Two Reviews in on the HT 1080p's

Well, as promised we got two reviews up this week. One being the entry level Mitsubishi HC1600, and the other the Canon REALiS SX80. The Mits HC1600 is an outstanding entry level projector for graphics and photography, but the switch to a 2x wheel from its predecessor, the HC1500's 4x wheel means a greater number of users will be bothered by rainbow artifacts when using it for video and film.

We are really enthused by the Canon SX80. It delivers extremely bright, well balanced color in 1400x11050 resolution for under $3,000. If you can live with a couple limitations as itemized in the review, it is a highly competitive model for large scale display of photography, graphics, and highly detailed material of all kinds.

We are currently working on the new Mitsubishi HC5500, the latest 1080p model from Mits selling for $2,495. This is a significant upgrade to the HC4900 which is on its way out of production. The HC5500 is 20% brighter, much higher in contrast, and has more powerful video processing circuitry. The increase in brightness comes from a switch to a new, shorter 1.2x zoom lens.

The HC5500 also features two anamorphic lens modes that enable the user to leave an anamorphic lens permanently deployed without ever having to move it. With this feature, no matter what aspect ratio your subject matter is in, you can see it in proper format with the anamorphic lens in place. This eliminates either the nuisance factor of using a manually mounted anamorphic lens, or the significant cost of the automated track. Either way, the option to go with a 2.35 format screen is simplified with this new feature of the HC5500.

A formal review of the Mitsubishi HC5500 will be posted next week.