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Roundup: Top five HT 1080p Projectors

We've now got five 1080p projectors lined up, and we are taking copious notes on the relative merits of each. My original plan on Monday was to post a comparison between the Mits HC5500 and the BenQ W5000 today. However, as I see now, that piece would be too limited, and would only stimulate more questions about how they compare to others. So I have modified the plan to write a single piece that highlights the advantages and limitation of each of them as compared to the others.

The Epson 1080 UB has been included in the group, so we now have the Epson as well as the Panny AE2000, the Sanyo Z2000, the Benq W5000 and the Mits HC5500. At the moment, that rounds out the top five most popular home theater projectors in the 1080p category. I will make every effort to get this whole thing posted by Friday.