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Interest in 2.35 Format Rigs

Well, there's a heck of a lot more interest in 2.35 format rigs than we'd have guessed from prior feedback. My request for comments last week generated a huge influx of email, and I thank all of you that wrote in for your thoughts on the matter.

As you might have anticipated, the single largest complaint about anamorphic lenses was the cost. Nobody wants to spend more on an accessory lens than they do on a good 1080p projector, and price is clearly the big stumbling block for most readers. However, there were plenty of other considerations and questions that were on people's minds. We are compiling the most frequently asked questions and most insightful comments, and will post them along with our comments in response next week.

If you have not yet written and want to give us your ideas, experiences, suggestions, complaints, or praise regarding 2.35 screens and anamorphic lenses, we are anxious to hear from you.

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