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CEDIA Advance Announcements

Hi folks,
The big CEDIA trade show is happening next week in Denver. This is the annual show focused on home theater technologies--projectors, screens, audio systems, vibrating seats, popcorn machines, you name it. If it has to do with home theater, it is at CEDIA. This is the show vendors use to announce many of the new products for the fall season.

Normally, we don't have the product announcements happening until the first day of the show, but this week we've seen a number of advance announcements. Mitsubishi, Planar, projectiondesign, and Sanyo have pre-announced new home theater projectors to be unveiled next week. (See NewsWatch for details on them). Many more announcements will be forthcoming in the next week. Since we will be at the show all week, and since it ends Sunday, Sept 7, we plan to be back in the office late Monday, Sept 8. We will get a review of the show compiled once we have assembled all the product release data.

With all of the feedback coming in on the issue of anamorphic lenses and 2.35 screen formats, the awareness of issues related to ideal screen size and viewing distance was definitely lacking. Whether you are going with a standard 16:9 ratio screen or the wider 2.35, it is vital to figure out what is the best overall combination of screen size and viewing distance for your particular theater. For more on this, see this new article just posted yesterday.

We're still waiting on the arrival of a couple more anamorphic lenses so we can complete a lens review. We will try to squeeze it in among all of the new projector reviews we will be tackling after the show. Also to come, more commentary on the pros and cons of 2.35 format home theaters.

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