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Exciting Home Theater Components

While awaiting arrival of the Epson 6500 UB, we've been able to put up a couple of reviews on two exciting home theater components you'll want to know about. One is the new Da-lite JKP Affinity HD screen. This really is an amazing screen as far as purity of image goes. I was quite surprised to see that the extremely smooth screen surface really did make a difference in how natural the picture looks. We have already ordered a 10.5 foot wide JKP Affinity screen in 2.35 format, and we will be using it on all reviews of 1080p projectors once we get it installed in a few weeks.

This afternoon Bill has finished up his look at the DVDO Edge Video Processor. This unit has a lot of power and features for the money, and it represents a great way to upgrade your home theater in many respects.

The next projector review will be the Epson 6500 UB. Due to the holidays and vacation time planned, we expect this review to be completed the week of January 5, hopefully before the CES show which starts on the 8th.

In addition to the Epson 6500 UB, we will be focusing our attention on Blu-ray players in the coming weeks. Player prices have dropped considerably, although the price of discs is still annoyingly high. But we will be posting reviews of some of the popular and aggressively priced Blu-ray players to give you an idea of what they can do, and what you might be sacrificing by going for the models under $300 as opposed to the pricier alternatives.

We wish you all the best this holiday season. Thanks for being loyal readers this past year, and we look forward to an exciting 2009.

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