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Competitive with the Best of 1080p

We are back in gear after some holiday downtime. Hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday season. As usual, our first week back entails a lot of CES Show meetings and activity. The show happens later this week, and we will be writing it up next week.

At the moment we are reviewing the Epson 6500 UB. Our plan was to get it done before CES, and that still may happen. But we are seeing a mechanical problem with our sample that may require us to call in a second unit, and that may delay things a bit.

In general, the Epson 6500 UB is a very impressive projector when it comes to brightness, color, sharpness, and contrast. It is certainly competitive with the best of the new 1080p competition in its price range in these aspects. The only notable weakness we see so far is in the frame interpolation system. Panasonic clearly has a more robust implementation on the AE3000. But we will get into more details of how they differ in the review. As I have mentioned elsewhere, if you have seen frame interpolation on a particular video product, don't assume that it will look the same on all products. The implementations and algorithms vary greatly among vendors, with decidedly different end results.

We will be posting a review of Sony BDP-BX1 Blu-ray player in the next day or two. Overall, a great little machine for under $300.

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