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Delayed Epson Reviews

We've been taking a close look at the Epson 6500 UB and the Epson 6100 in preparation for reviews of these two models. We delayed the reviews because of a phenomenon we identified first on the 6500 UB. The issue is that the projector tends to go out of focus over the first 30 minutes of viewing time. If it is sharply focused after initial start up, it will slowly lose its precise focus as it warms up, evidently due to heat expansion in the light engine. When we refocus it after about 30 minutes, it will then remain in focus for the duration of the viewing session.

The loss of focus is not radical, but it is noticeable when watching HD material from Blu-ray in particular. After the first half hour of viewing, a Blu-ray movie being played in 1080p begins to look more like a very clean upscaled DVD... still very watchable, but with a bit of the fine detail lost. Since this happens slowly over the course of half an hour, it is easy to overlook it. Many users might not even notice it. However, the focus issue becomes more apparent when we call up the menu after thirty minutes-the graphic menu is obviously softer than it was when the viewing session began.

We called in a second 6500 UB from a later shipment to see if this was isolated just to our first test unit. We found the same results on the second 6500 UB. It is also happening on our 6100 as well.

We have been discussing all this with Epson. They have been studying the problem, and have been running their own tests on multiple units internally. As of this afternoon, they have reported that they initially saw the same thing we did. However, after multiple power up and power down cycles, they say the projector will stabilize, and that the issue will be resolved. They have likened it to a break-in period on a new vehicle. If this is the case, it will be good news.

Based on this latest feedback, we will continue to test our units here and put them through multiple power up/down cycles to see if we can get them to stabilize as Epson thinks they will. We will report more as we learn more. Thanks very much for your patience.

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