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Epson Enhancements and Upcoming Reviews

We are making progress in getting the focus issue on the new Epson models squared away. In our latest test, we decided to try running the 6500UB and the 6100 in high altitude mode (this mode makes the fan run faster to move more air through the projector).

The result was that the tendency for both units to defocus over time was reduced somewhat. We still saw some defocusing on the 6500UB, but it was less than we'd been seeing before. The 6100 showed some improvement also. The 6100 is the more problematic of our test units, as it always goes more out of focus than the 6500UB. In this latest test in high altitude mode, the 6100 defocused less than it has been in the past, but still too much to be acceptable by our standards.

Epson believes that the issue will be resolved by further enhancing the airflow through the unit. As a result, they are making an alteration near the exhaust vent that will achieve this objective. New units being manufactured henceforth will have this enhancement. We expect to receive new test samples with this improvement around mid-February.

We are aware that not everyone is experiencing defocusing on these models to the same degree that we have been. Since the issue seems to be related to cooling and airflow, it is reasonable to suspect that elevation may be playing a role in the uneven results. We are in Las Vegas, and our projector testing is done at 3000 feet elevation. Due to the slightly thinner atmosphere it is possible the defocusing we are seeing may be more than what users might experience at sea level. Nevertheless, the competitive units we have been testing do not defocus to the same degree. So we are looking forward to receiving new test units with the updates.

As far as the review schedule is concerned, we will table the Epson reviews until the new units arrive. We are currently reviewing the new Canon Realis WUX10, which is a 3200 lumen portable in 1920x1200 resolution. We expect the Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen to be showing up at any moment, and we will get that review done as soon as possible. The new Optoma 1080p DLP projectors, the HD8200 and the HD808 are coming up soon too.

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