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Testing in Progress

We have just received the modified version of the Epson 6100, so we should be able to report results of that testing by the beginning of next week. We anticipate that the modification done to these units will largely resolve the defocusing issue on the 6100/7100 as it has on the 6500/7500. But since these two series of products use different LCD panels, we want to test it to make sure.

The testing of the Epson 7500 and 6500 is taking a bit longer than we had anticipated, so the review will be posted next Tuesday afternoon, rather than Monday as originally planned. Epson confirms that the new version of frame interpolation to be released shortly will be downloadable. Once it becomes available, owners of the 7500 UB and 6500 UB will be able to contact Epson Advanced Product Support (APS) to request the upgrade, and to get guided instructions on how to install it.

The Elite Starbright ambient light screen is scheduled to arrive shortly, and that will be the next screen up for review.

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