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Thanks to all of you who wrote in with your thoughts about FI and 2.35 screen format. It helps a lot to know what our readers are thinking.

One point of clarification. Contrary to what some readers may have understandably inferred from my comments on this page last week, the JVC RS10 and RS20 are still candidates for an Editor's Choice Award. We just try to give only one award in a given price range, and hence the big debate between the Panny AE3000 and the Epson 6500 UB. But the JVC units are priced higher, and we may very well feel they deserve special recognition as well. We are just now opening them up and getting our first look at them. We hope to have those reviews posted next week.

We are still working on the review of the Epson 6100. In order to complete this review we will need to do some further testing of it at sea level. That means a trip to California, which we will do early next week. My hope is to get the review completed by a week from Friday.

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