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Epson 6500/7500 and 6100 update

We've got a couple of updates on the Epson 6500/7500 and 6100 to report. First, as far as frame interpolation on the 6500/7500 models is concerned, Epson product management is now saying that an improved version of this feature will be available "shortly." By shortly, it sounds like they are thinking within another week or two. However, contrary to their initial plan, most users will need to send their projectors to an Epson service center to have them upgraded. Epson says that except in certain unique circumstances, it will not be downloadable as they had originally hoped.

Regarding the 6100, our test sample that incorporates the improved airflow still tends to defocus to a noticeable degree. It is better than before, but it is not entirely resolved. We tested this fix on the 7500, and as reported earlier, the defocusing problem problem on that model appeared to have been minimized to the point where it was no longer a concern. We did not see the same degree of improvement on the 6100 when we tested it here. However, 6100 units being tested at Epson headquarters do not show any defocusing problem at all.

Therefore, our suspicion is that the difference in elevation may have something to do with the varied results. We are at 3100 feet, and Epson's facility is at sea level. If elevation is factor, then users at or nearer to sea level should have no problem with the 6100 defocusing. If elevation is not a factor, then we can still conclude that some users may have an issue, and some won't.

In any event, the impact of the defocusing that we see on our modified 6100 can be minimized by allowing the projector to warm up for 30 minutes, and doing a final focus at that point in time. In a worst case scenario, the user might see a bit of softness in a 1080p Blu-ray picture during the warm-up period. However, considering the 6100's low price and considerable performance capability, this is likely to be an insignificant issue for most users. We will proceed with the 6100 review and get it posted next week.

We are still awaiting a response from JVC on a couple of points before posting the review of the RS10 and RS20. I expect to get them posted by tomorrow.

The Optoma HD8200 has arrived, and is next in line for review after the JVC models.

If you've got some specific question on your mind, or would like to make suggestions about the site, please drop us a note. I try to respond to everyone who takes the time to write.

Evan Powell

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kerry Posted Jul 30, 2010 1:20 AM PST
havin this issue with my epson at the moment.i own the 8500UB and the defocusing is becoming quite a hassle due to the projector mounted on the ceiling. would i by another epson...... NO

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