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Reviews currently underway/scheduled

We've got several projects underway here. In the home theater world, we are taking another look at the Optoma HD8200 so we can finish up our assessment of that one. And the SharpVision Z15000 is expected to arrive shortly.

Now that prices on the Sanyo Z3000 have dropped below $2,000 with a mail in rebate, this model deserves another look as well. It currently represents an outstanding value for those who have light controlled viewing space and want the best possible 1080p picture under $2,000.

Bill Livolsi is looking at several inexpensive XGA and WXGA resolution models that are designed specifically for K12 classroom use. We'll get a review of the first of these, the Hitachi CP-X2010, posted tomorrow afternoon if all goes well.

Meanwhile, Paul Gilmore is reviewing a hot little 3.3 lb. mobile presentation model, the Mitsubishi XD95U. This XGA model packs 2200 lumens in a tiny box, and will be of interest to presenters on the go.

Evan Powell

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TheGizzard Posted Apr 11, 2009 5:34 AM PST
Thanks in advance for your review of the Z15000. The specs seem great, but I am concerned about the offset. I cannot find any information on this projector anywhere, but I see some retailers already have it in stock.
Felix Bird Posted Apr 25, 2009 5:57 PM PST
Any idea when the re-review of the Sanyo PLV-Z3000 will be posted? Thx Felix

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