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Great Movie Projectors under $1000

How many of you are not really into full blown home theater, but instead want a cheap but very good portable movie projector you can set up whenever you want? In particular, do you need a portable projector for professional use, but one that delivers great video entertainment at home as well?

We've just posted an article on the home page about things to look for in an inexpensive movie projector. There has always been a healthy demand for reviews of home theater projectors on this site. But how much interest is there in reviews of business portables that happen to have great video? If this is a particular interest of yours, please drop me a note and let me know. I want to know how much time we should be spending doing reviews of this type of product.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,


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Gary Sandwick Posted Jun 9, 2009 3:10 PM PST
I read with interest your article "Choosing a Projector for Photography, Part I". Did you ever write Part II? I belong to a photography club, and we are trying to use a projector to show our images, which are then critiqued. We are having problems with the consistantcy of the colors projected.

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