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Infocomm and Upcoming Reviews

Infocomm is the largest projector trade show in the industry, and it happens next week in Orlando, Florida.

Though the CEDIA show in September is the most popular venue for new home theater models, Infocomm covers the entire gamut of projection systems for business, conference room, classroom, and large venue. Some home theater hardware is debuted at Infocomm as well. More new projectors are released at this show than any other. So we'll have many new product announcements being posted in the next couple of weeks.

Classroom Projectors: This is the time of year when there's lots of interest in classroom projectors, so we've been putting a lot of time into reviews of the latest models for K12 classroom use. Reviews to be completed soon include the Casio XJ-S32, the BenQ MP522ST, the Epson 410W, the Toshiba TLP-X150U, the Sharp PG-F255W, and the Mitsubishi XD250U.

On the home theater front, the final notes on the Optoma HD8200 will be posted this week as well. We are also planning to install the Epson Ensemble package that includes projector, screen, surround audio, and associated wiring and connections all in one. There is a lot of interest in this package, and we'll review it after it has been installed.

Finally, the old article discussing the relative merits of LCD and DLP is being completely rewritten, and should be ready to post next week. Both of these technologies have been evolving and improving like crazy, so the new look at this topic will be of keen interest. LCoS has also made dramatic improvements, and a separate article will be written which focuses on LCoS.

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Mark Posted Jun 10, 2009 11:48 AM PST
Any news on release dates for the new BenQ home theater projectors - w6000 or w30000? Or have you heard anything about the new 1080p infocus models that are rumoured to be announced this month? thanks
Greg Posted Jun 29, 2009 7:15 AM PST

Any chance you'll check out the Optoma TX1080 and perhaps review it? I'm interested in this projector as a potential solution for a family room theater setup with some ambient light. I'm currently running the Panasonic AX200U and looking for a suitable 1080p replacement/upgrade. The TX1080 looks like it might do the trick. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.


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