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Reviews and Updates

We've just posted two new reviews. Actually, the Optoma HD8200 review has been finalized and reposted after a preliminary posting in March. Overall, a very solid projector, but not the most aggressively priced of the products Optoma has ever released. Those who own it are likely to love it.

A review of the Toshiba TLP-X150U has just been posted also. It is not loaded with features, but it puts out a terrific picture for the money. Great for classroom use for those who are all about picture quality.

We are in the process of rewriting and updating the LCD vs. DLP article. This will review the current state of affairs in this technology battle, and touch on the advantages and limitations of each technology as compared to the other.

The next review to be posted will be a look at the Screen Innovations Black Diamond ambient light rejection screen. We reviewed their 0.8 gain edition a while back, and we are now looking at their 1.4 gain model. This should be up by tomorrow night.

Evan Powell

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