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New Options Added to Feature Search

We just added 11 more search options to Feature Search. Just click More Options under the last column of check boxes to access them. Click Fewer Options to hide them. Hiding options does not disable them; however, clicking Start Over will. Use Comments below if you want to share your thoughts with others or use Send us Feedback if you want to offer suggestions.

The new search options include:

2:2 Pulldown
2:3 Pulldown
3D Projection
Anamorphic Ready
Case Color Options
Laser Pointer
Options Slots
RS232 Port
Soft Carry Case
THX Certified

We have shuffled things around a bit, so if you don't see your favorite options on the current list, click More Options.

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Tim Treadwell Posted Jul 26, 2009 6:00 PM PST
I presently own a Sanyo PLVZ-2 and am thinking about buying a new 1080P projector Is this a good time or is some new technology on the horizon such as LED for projectors

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