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More 1080p News......

Epson finally announces formal price on the 8500 UB, and more reviews to come...

Epson announced on Friday that the official street price of the Home Cinema 8500 UB will be $2,499, less a $200 mail-in rebate. At $2,299 it comes in at $300 more than the Panny AE4000. The 8500 UB review has been updated to include this data.
The Mitsubishi HC3800 review was posted Friday. A sweet little 1080p DLP projector for ony $1,499. The picture quality you can get for not a lot of money these days is amazing.

Good news and bad news ... the good news is that the Optoma HD8600 review sample arrived last week. The bad news is it didn't come with a lens. This makes focusing rather difficult. Optoma is shipping us a lens, but it has not yet arrived, so the review is being delayed until we secure this vital component. No problemo. These things happen.

Meanwhile, the dynamic little Epson 705 is in review at the moment, and will be done this week.

Also, Editor's Choice Awards for several 1080p models will be announced. We want to get these published before Thanksgiving week, so they will be up by Friday at the latest.

Evan Powell

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