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New 1080p Reviews

Several new home theater reviews are about to post....

LG Electronics is releasing a new 1080p model based on Sony's SXRD technology. Called the CF181D, with an anticipated street price of $2,499, this model should start shipping by the end of the month. We have just posted the CF181D review.

The very hot Optoma HD8600 review is just about done, and it should post on Monday. This is one very beautiful projector! Also, the inepensive, portable Epson 705HD is getting its final touches, and it will be up either Monday or Tuesday. (UPDATE: Optoma HD8600 will be posted Tuesday, and the Epson 705HD was just posted today. EP 12/7)

Several reviews of picos and portables will be posted next week also. And for those interested in large venue, a review of the Epson Z8000 will be posted by mid next week as well.

Evan Powell

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Martin Andersen Posted Dec 5, 2009 9:01 AM PST
Hi, when could we expect to see a review for Sony's VW-85 LCoS/SXRD projector? I am eagerly awaiting any news on this product, but only 'unofficial' information exists thus far. It has been available for a while now (ref. AVSforum/HTJ et al.)
Gus Posted Dec 11, 2009 6:55 PM PST
I'm hoping that you will review the new runco Q750i or Q750d.It would be nice to see how runco incorperates L.E.D.'s into their line up.I also hear that they'e not as expensive as you'd expect from them.

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