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More Reviews and a new Blu-ray section

We currently have eight projectors under review in all niches of the market. And a new Blu-ray section has been added.

In the home theater arena, we just posted the BenQ W1000 review a couple days ago. This sub-$1,000 1080p model gets a lot of attention since there are not many 1080p models at this price. It competes directly with the Optoma HD20 and the Vivitek H1080FD. The W1000 has an advantage in brightness for ambient light situations, and the other two have an incremental advantage in image quality for dark room viewing.

We will be posting a review of the lower cost, 720p resolution BenQ W600 next week. Also coming is a review of the 3500 lumen XGA Infocus IN3114 presentation projector, and the Hitachi CP-DW10N short throw widescreen model for classroom and conference room.

The new Blu-ray Reviews page will feature reviews of Blu-rays that will be of particular interest to those with large screen home theaters. We will choose titles based on their status as collectible classics. Earlier today we posted a review of the newly released Sapphire Series edition of The Godfather. We will be adding new reviews to this collection on a regular basis.

Evan Powell

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PatB Posted Mar 8, 2010 10:07 AM PST
I love your new Blu-ray reviews. I have a suggestion.

There seems to be a consensus now that the current generation inorganic LCD projectors with dynamic irises are superior to DLP based projectors for very dark scenes. This is apparently even more true for the JVC LCoS projectors. Yet DLPs may be superior for the well lit and daylight scenes. I'm sure you'll agree because I'm essentially just quoting you.

If that's true then I suggest that you start noting which kind of projector is best for the particular Blu-ray movie you are reviewing. Many cowboy movies or comedies have no night scenes at all, whereas most Sci-Fi movies have shots of deep space that benefit from superior black levels.
K. Diagoupis Posted Mar 11, 2010 3:00 PM PST
I'm hoping that you will take a look at the runco Q-750d at some point. I'm curious to hear how they've done with L.E.D.'s as their light source.
Jacob A Posted Mar 16, 2010 5:59 PM PST
They already reviewed the Runco. It's just a rebadged Vivitek. The only difference is entirely cosmetic. The only other LED I know of on the market besides the Vivitek is the Avielo Kroma from Projection Design. I think there is a 3rd out there, but I can't remember who is making it.

The Vivitek unit is decent, the Avielo is stunning and really a reference piece. It has better color accuracy, contrast, etc. but the same low light output and also a higher price tag ($40k or so).

It's a shame Runco isn't run like Sam Runco ran it. Their LED deserved some improvements on the Vivitek not a rebadge.

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