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New Reviews and a note on SVGA

Mitsubishi's hot new 4000 lumen widescreen projector, and a review of the North by Northwest Blu-ray.....

Mitsubishi's WD620U widescreen multimedia projector pumps out 4000 lumens and is loaded with extra features and a terrific warranty. It's aggressive street price makes it easy to give this on 5 Stars for Value. See the review here.

North by Northwest, Alfred Hitchcock's famous thriller, is wonderfully reproduced in Blu-ray. This is definitely a disc for the collector and fan of classic films. See the review.

By the way, The African Queen, with Bogart and Hepburn, was just released on Blu-ray this week. This movie has never before been released on either DVD or Blu-ray, so many people have never had a chance to see it, or at least see it in decent condition. It is also an excellent visual experience; the review will be forthcoming.

Stay tuned for a trio of reviews on very inexpensive SVGA models that are ideal for classroom use. Those who want to experiment with home theater or video gaming on a budget under $500 may also want to consider SVGA models. They are not marketed for home theater use, but SVGA class DLP projectors in particular can produce very bright and exciting video images for not much cash at all.

Evan Powell

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Robert Smith Posted Mar 30, 2010 8:29 PM PST
Thanks for the comments about SVGA projectors. I have previously used 2 for HT use and they are a bargain. HOWEVER, for not much more you can get some good deals on 720P projectors (around $700). And 1080P projectors begin at $999. So folks might think about this carefully before investing in SVGA.
Marcos Augusto Posted Apr 6, 2010 2:10 PM PST
Let's hope that soon enough you'll be testing the upcoming LG HX300G LED SVGA projector, as a sequel to last year's testing of the LG HS-201, a VGA unit which, in my opinion, is an incredible bargain considering its ratio of cost/features/performance...

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