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Coming Again to Theaters Near You

Fox has just announced that Avatar will be re-released in RealD and 3D IMAX theaters on August 27. This time it will include a whopping EIGHT additional minutes of Never Before Seen Footage. Wow. I can hardly wait.

Yes, I confess. For me, Avatar was not all that great an experience the first time. Yeah, yeah, I know. Whoever visualized and created Pandora had a genius imagination, and the 3D effects were interesting. The first hour was well worth seeing just for those elements. But Avatar’s major flaw was that, despite the cool visual pyrotechnics, the director burdened it with embarrassingly bad acting, juvenile dialog, and a tedious, predictable plot. So the thing plodded along for over 2.5 hours, long after the visual effects lost their intrigue.

Now comes the news that Fox is going to re-release Avatar in theaters, this time with eight minutes of new footage. And if you went out and bought the Blu-ray edition, sorry bub, not only did you miss out on the 3D, but you missed out on the Eight Minutes as well. You’ll have to buy the new and improved Blu-ray later this fall for the full experience.

For many years there has been a lot of consumer frustration over the constant re-release of movies on DVD and Blu-ray, each subsequent release being just slightly better than the previous. One can see that in the comments people make on Amazon in response to new re-releases. It seems like this move by Fox would tap that same frustration. I am curious to know what people are thinking about this.

Does anyone feel like they are being duped by Fox? Does Avatar deserve a "new and improved" re-release so soon? Or is this a cynical manipulation of the consumer? Feel free to vent in the comments box below. It is your turn to tell us what you think…..

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jim denning Posted Jul 13, 2010 1:52 PM PST
right-on for avatar.question on 3-d these have built-in emitters and must these be connected by hdmi 1.4 cables? Thanks need details before i start buying.
Brian Posted Jul 13, 2010 3:45 PM PST
Avatar in IMAX 3D is a pure cinematic experience. Period.

Yes, the plot is intentionally simplistic, making it easily translate to the rest of the world, but name a "summer blockbuster" that's any different. And maybe you should watch Armageddon, or The Phantom Menace, again for a refresher of what bad acting and bad dialog is like.

And what makes Avatar's re-release "disturbing" exactly? Are they forcing you to see it? Did they force you to buy the initial Blu-ray? Is the extra 8 minutes of footage showing children being tortured? Or is just the fact that it is being shown in a theater somewhere enough to "disturb" you?

They are giving prople another chance to see it in IMAX. If no one wants to see it, they won't make any money from it. If people do, they will. It's that simple. Perhaps you could picket in protest outside your nearest IMAX, if that makes you feel better. Maybe bring some rotten tomatoes to throw, too.

What "disturbs" me is that this topic would warrant a place on this website. The projector industry must be at an all-time slow point. And if you have so much free time on your hands, you might want to revise your completely misguided and ignorant critique of The Godfather Blu-ray.
wyatt Posted Jul 13, 2010 4:15 PM PST
well, I for one thought Avatar was really enjoyable, especially in IMAX 3D. Also, I wouldn't blame Cameron for the re-release or the new special edition. Studios try and make the most money possible in any given situation period. i remember being [censored] when LotR special edition came out with all that extra footage. I just hope that the new blu-ray will include a 3D option and not make us wait for yet another release...
Nemesis Posted Jul 13, 2010 5:32 PM PST
For months now Its been fairly widely publisized that Avatar would be rerelease in theaters with additional footage after it was kicked out of 3D theaters by Alice while still selling tickets. Fox felt they left money on the table. Its also been widely known that the plan was for three DVD/Blu-ray releases of the film. The first 2D in reference quality audio and video, a second special edition disk later in 2010, then a 3rd release on Blu-Ray in 3D sometime in 2011. What should content creators do? Not be allowed to rerelease a film in theaters? Not be allowed to add additional content to a monster hit movie because someone will feel cheated? Not give people the home viewing experience ASAP because additional content is coming later?

Where is the news on 1080P 3-D projectors? Lets complain about the hardware providers not telling us what and when they plan to deliver them, not the movie that is and will be driving the sales of these devices.
Steve Posted Jul 13, 2010 11:04 PM PST
I'd much rather watch a lousy transfer of The Godfather for the 120th time than to sit through another 8 minutes of Avatar.
Stephen Posted Aug 15, 2010 6:20 PM PST
Fox, not exploit something? You're talking about the company who's network as pushed the Simpsons beyond funny, has given Seth MacFarlane 1.5 hrs a week on the same type of jokes, and cancels anything halfway decent. Yeah I expect nothing from them.

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