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Wow... $399 Home Theater Projector?

In the news...a new 3D technology article just posted, and a review of the hot little NEC NP115 for home movies. If you want that really big picture experience without spending much money...

A lot of people have been looking at picos and the microportables for home movies for two reasons. One, they are cheap. Two, they have LED light sources which live need to change a lamp. That is all good news, but the downside is that they are dim dim dim. You can't really get a BIG picture out of them.

Here's a great alternative...the NEC NP115 is a very bright (2500 ANSI lumen) projector with a 5,000 hour lamp, for only $399. It's got exceptional video quality for the type of projector that it is. For home movies, it is a much better solution than going the pico route. See the review.

Meanwhile, on the 3D front, Bill has just finished up his latest article on 3D technology--What does "3D Ready" Mean? Nothing is more confusing right now than all the claims of 3D readiness. Yes it might be 3D ready, but not for the 3D movie you want to play from your Blu-ray player. Read Bill's write up for details.

Evan Powell

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Howard Flaer Posted Sep 7, 2010 2:19 PM PST
Always enjoy your commentary and only wish it were more often. Even if it were just a sentence or two would bring me back to your site every day.

I also wish the buyer's guide included more 2010 projector's best choices (maybe expanded for 2009.2010).


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