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Epson's Remarkable Lamp Guarantee

At the bottom of our review on the Epson Home Cinema 8100 there are an unusual number of user comments expressing frustration with premature lamp failure. This is unusual for two reasons...

First, Epson has quite a few 1080p models out using the exact same lamp and cooling system, but only users of the Home Cinema 8100 appear to be reporting a problem. Second, the Epson dealers I’ve been in contact with say there are no unusually high order rates for replacement lamps on the 8100. As far as Epson dealers are concerned, there is no problem that they are aware of.

So what is happening here? My suspicion is that two factors are at work. The 8100 is the lowest priced 1080p model on the market that has a 2x zoom lens and lens shift. The low price makes it a popular model that sells in high volume, and the 2x zoom lens with lens shift means that it is frequently installed in bookcases. After all, people buying inexpensive 1080p projectors typically do not want the cost and bother of ceiling mounting if they can avoid it.

Accordingly, I suspect some small percentage of 8100 users are installing it in bookcases with restricted heat dissipation, thereby causing internal operating temperatures to rise. Projectors need not only unimpeded airflow from intake and exhaust vents, but sufficient clearance around the projector to allow radiant heat from the casework to dissipate. If installed in too tight a space, your projector will run hotter than normal, and you will cook the lamp, plain and simple. This is true of all projectors with high pressure lamps.

Since there are many thousands of 8100 users, it would not be surprising to discover that a small percentage of those users are installing their projectors in less than desirable conditions as far as cooling and heat dissipation are concerned. And complaints posted on a website such as ours, from a small fraction of a very large user base, are enough to create the impression of a problem with the product.

I have spoken to Epson about this situation. They have looked into it and, like the dealers I talked to, they say they have not discovered any aberrant issues. Nevertheless, Epson wants to ensure customers that it stands behind its products. Therefore, Epson’s spokesperson has informed me that if you experience any problem with premature lamp failure on any Epson 1080p projector, you may return the lamp for a replacement lamp anytime during the life of the projector’s warranty. Yes, you read that right—premature lamp failure on any Epson 1080p projector will be covered for the entire duration of the projector’s warranty, not the lamp’s warranty.

If you encounter an early lamp failure on any Epson 1080p model, Epson asks that you contact them directly at 800-637-7661 (use your PIN on PrivateLine Support Card).

In my view, this is a remarkably aggressive response on Epson’s part. To my knowledge, no other vendor offers this type of support when it comes to lamp performance. Hopefully it will put any concerns to rest on the part of those thinking of buying Epson 1080p home theater models.

Evan Powell

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Harmil2 Posted Oct 20, 2010 1:34 PM PST
Wow! Any 1080p projector still under warrantee? That is amazing and appreciated. Glad I keep sticking with Epson.
Ray Kirk Posted Oct 20, 2010 1:40 PM PST
A more likely culprit is the ubiquitous power strip. If you plug the projector into a power strip (along with your other home theatre products), and use the power strip to turn on/off the projector, etc., then the bulb will not go through its built-in cooling cycle and its life will be significantly shortened.
Josh Posted Oct 20, 2010 2:19 PM PST
Wow, that is awesome. Thank you Epson for erasing all concerns I had about premature lamp failure on my new 8350.
JOS Posted Oct 20, 2010 2:57 PM PST
Wow. Amazing response. Glad to see Epson recognized their key customer demographic. I am definately getting an Epson ASAP.
JOS Posted Oct 20, 2010 2:57 PM PST
Wow. Amazing response. Glad to see Epson recognized their key customer demographic. I am definately getting an Epson ASAP.
Bruce Posted Oct 21, 2010 8:44 AM PST
This is a Big reason as to why I bought from Epson in the first place and why I recommend Epson to others. They also stand behind their printers/scanners as well. That's also the reason why my next projector will also be an Epson!
Alec Munro Posted Oct 21, 2010 8:56 AM PST
The 8350 was already mighty tempting, and this sweetens the deal further. Go Epson!
PatB Posted Oct 21, 2010 10:04 AM PST
My guess is that it has little to do with anything other than rumor and hysteria. About thirty years ago the Audi sedan was just getting a foothold in the US market. Then came the stories of "sudden acceleration" and Audi got a reputation as a dangerous car. It was later determined that the drivers mixed up the brake and accelerator. There never was anything wrong with the car but two of my friends had Audis and their resale value took a big hit.

The same thing happened to Toyota just last year. Once these sort of rumors gets started no amount of evidence seems to be enough.
Rahul Posted Oct 21, 2010 11:37 AM PST
I tried to call Epson to get a warrantee replacement and the customer service/ technical service agent did not know anything about this post. There has been no internal communication at Epson about the replacement lamp.
Evan Powell, Editor Posted Oct 22, 2010 10:49 AM PST
Rahul, this policy is new as of a couple days ago. Inter-division communication in big companies is not instantaneous. Try again shortly, they will get it sorted out.
bob mallis Posted Oct 24, 2010 8:56 AM PST
Great news.I have 9500ub open shelf surge protector operate on ecco. 5 months 230 hrs bulb blew called epson no issue wuth them sent new bulb. Very polite no argument even though second bulb came with pj. Interesting point the orignial two bulbs made in china replacement sent Japan. wouls reccoment Epson to anyone
Hank Posted Oct 25, 2010 10:28 AM PST
Great customer care response, Epson! I think an 8350 is in my future.
Paul Sunde Posted Oct 26, 2010 8:51 AM PST
It's true! My bulb went out right before the Giants vs Phillies playoff game on Saturday. I found this post on projector central and couldn't believe it. So I called Epson and a new bulb is on its way. Great customer service. yahoooooo!

ToeCutter Posted Oct 28, 2010 4:28 PM PST
Interesting development, considering I've gone through 3 lamps in 9 months, and don't have *anything* restricting air flow on my 8500UB.

There's certainly something up with these lamps, as they only last around 200 hours before dimming noticeably before they go pop.

I asked the last tech if I could exchange my projector, and he explained it was the lamps, not the projector. It's nice that they are honoring their warranty, but this is my 4th projector (2nd Epson) and I've never burned through a lamp in 200 hours?

Why can't these projector manufacturers stop racing to build the cheapest projector? I've had horrible luck with my front projectors. They are easily the most failure prone appliance ever made, although my 8500UB has been great with exception to the lamp failures, which leave the projector useless until a replacement lamp arrives.
Scott Posted Nov 2, 2010 6:52 PM PST
8500UB lamp failed after 5 months, maybe 600 hours. (Eco mode, Normal) Was devastated especially after choosing the Epson based on it's 2k-4k hr advertised rating. Found this thread, called Epson today and have a bulb being sent no charge. I am very pleased with Epson and the projector. Thanks Epson!
Kent Posted Nov 10, 2010 8:22 AM PST
Epson 8500UB lamp just dies at 600 hours/5 months. Sending me a replacement overnight.
Eli Akin Posted Nov 16, 2010 12:34 PM PST
I recently purchased the 8100. I only have about 70 hours on it right now but I have been really concerned about the life of the lamp. How long does it normally take to recieve the replacement?
Martin Posted Nov 18, 2010 8:00 AM PST
I can not understand this - Epson has made so bad product what last 200 hours, not 3000-4000 like others, and people tell here how great Epsoni is? How stupid can somone be...
jnicho Posted Nov 18, 2010 1:17 PM PST
Had my Epson 8100 for just a little over a year and love the picture. I had a little over 1700 hours on the bulb when it started to degrade rapidly. Since I had a replacement I changed it out yesterday. I just happen to see the posting on Projector Central last night. Called Epson today and a new bulb is on the way. With this type of customer service I will buy again in the future....Thanks Epson.
Brad B Posted Nov 18, 2010 5:00 PM PST
8500UB purchased less than 5 months ago. Not sure about the hours but has to be about 4-600. Noticed very obvious dimming (in hindsight.....ahhh denial)then, POP!

Did a search for problems with the 8500ub bulbs, and came across quite a number of different sites with many people expressing a pre-mature bulb failure.

Called Epson cust serv and they're next day-ing a new lamp out to me which is great. We'll see about the second one and how long IT lasts before I make any more comments about whether or not I would buy this projector again if I knew about this issue.

Even after the 2-year period of free replacement bulbs, you're still looking at, probably 1-3 replacement bulbs a year if that's the trend, and at 200-300 a POP (pun intended) that would make the 5 year cost around 750-2200ish.....or possibly as much as the cost of the projector itself. Even just 1 bulb replaced a year at a bargain price of 250, and we're talking a 20$ per month(avg)for the rest of the life of your projector.

Now I don't know if I've ever personally had a TV that died within 10 years, and most are still going.

And even though I'm sure that in 2 years the projectors will all be 3D and way better, and cheaper, the thought of having to buck up a few grand in a couple of years does NOT fill me with joy.

The picture quality of this projector is at least about 90-95% as good as I can imagine it getting. Any better and I don't even think you'd really notice.... so... the BIGGEST reason by FAR that I chose the Epson (other than their cust serv reputation) was because this bulb is supposed to last 4000 hours (which I realize means most people should expect 2000-3000 hours)

1 bulb change every 2-3 years....Ok, fine. 1-3 bulb changes every year, uh, NO.

We'll see. It does have a thoroughly awesome picture, but I really wanted this to be the projector I wouldn't need to change for 10 more years at least.

Now I'm wondering if when I get the new bulb from Epson if I should think about selling the projector sooner than later. If this really IS the BIG problem that we might fear it is, than it might be impossible to sell one of these once it gets close to it's 2 year warrantee expiring.

Does the warrantee transfer if I sell it in-period?
Franco Posted Dec 13, 2010 3:09 PM PST
hmmm...I was so close to buying another epson projector (relatively happy with my first one [epson 53c]. It developed a greenish tint after about 5000 hours or so...)...anyway, I was looking to buy an Optoma HD20, then got swayed back into an epson 8100/8350 because apparently they're using inorganic panels which should extend their life and hence no greenish tint! But now...I'm reading WAY TOO MANY reviews about premature lamp failure...I spoke with Epson today and they confirmed that they were aware of a lamp issue with their 8100 and 8350 and are working on it or investigating and that they were willing to extend the lamp warranty to 2 years which is good BUTTT...warranty aside....I just can't see the logic in continuing to purchase this projector knowing that it has a premature lamp issue - yeah ok, so they'll replace it...but what about after another 3 months/500 hours (as reported by many) when the bulb goes again...It's really too bad cause I really would like to buy this projector but it just doesn't seem to make sense to buy a product knowing full well that there's a good chance your bulb will fail. Furthermore, all Epson has appears to say re: this matter is that they'll extend the warranty which in my opinion doesn't go far enough...I want to know WHY this is happening so I know how often this may happen so I know how much pain and money this is going to be! Again, just doesn't seem worth it....what do you think? Don't you agree? I don't understand those of you who are still willing to recommend Epson in spite of this uncertainty - SURE, they should be commended for their tech support and warranty, but let's not lose sight of the REAL issue here...the quality and life expectancy of the product! NOT, their technical support/warranty policy!
Joe M Posted Dec 27, 2010 2:49 AM PST
See, also, no one is going to get on here to complain about how GREAT a projector is. People always complain and never compliment. You know?

I have an 8350 in a moderately natural lit room at 1 month/150 hrs on the bulb and no noticeable dimming so far.... And this is on normal power consumption. I'm in Colorado and have the fan on normal(not the high altitude setting). And brightness at 5(Dunno if that affects bulb output though).
Justin Gilbert Posted Jan 2, 2011 6:58 PM PST
I have had my 8100 for 11 months. I have been 100% happy with my purchase. This is an excellent HD projector, expecially for the price. I just noticed the bulb dimming to about half brightness on Friday 12/31. My friend is an AV expert and checked all the settings, placement, etc and saw no issues. I have it ceiling mounted in the basement, so it stays around 65-70 degrees with no obstructions whatsoever. Filter was very clean, but I cleaned it anyway. We checked the menu and saw the bulb hours to just over 400. Sure enough, Saturday night the bulb had blown completely (blinking light on the bulb ID when trying to power on). I plan to call Epson first thing tomorrow morning to see if they will replace as the article states. Will let you know if I am still a happy Epson customer or not.
bob Posted Jan 4, 2011 5:43 AM PST
Of course dealers arnt seeing anything, most will call epson when a bulb goes pop early not the dealer they bought it from. Yea some have bad luck and get a bad bulb but some are on there 4th under 1000hr bulb. Mounting in book cases......LOL "To my knowledge, no other vendor offers this type of support when it comes to lamp performance."YUP THEY ARE GONNA USE UP THE BAD LAMP STOCK.POP,HERES ANOTHER. some of you .....well I guess its human nature to justify a bad purchase
Justin Gilbert Posted Jan 5, 2011 10:11 AM PST
Per my post on January 2nd, I contacted Epson customer service on January 3rd in the morning. As mentioned in other posts, my private line support pin did not work, so they gave me a new one. They were very helpful in confirming that the bulb was the problem, and they ended up sending me a new lamp. I recieved it the next day, installed it, and everything works great! I am a very happy Epson customer. I love this projector and will definitely get an Epson and recommend one to my parents for their new house. If you are having early bulb issues, call Epson before spending money - they will help you.
Johnny Posted Jan 9, 2011 9:14 AM PST
Two blown bulbs in less than a year. Both had less than 500 hours. I've had three projectors and I know how to handle them. Airflow is not restricted, filter is clean, turns on once a day for about four to six hours. If you don't have an 8100, stop the inane posts about how we're a bunch of idiots who don't know how to handle a projector. If you haven't used an 8100 for at least 1000 hours, then you don't know what you're talking about. This is a defective product. I'm glad they're improving the warranty, but if you buy an 8100, you are in for some pain. Why is everybody raving about what a great company it is, when they won't recall such a bad product ? A truly great company would replace the faulty projector, not just send out more bulbs.
Johnny Posted Jan 12, 2011 8:15 PM PST
Update: Epson came through for me. My last post was Sunday, the day the bulb blew which spoiled some plans, so I was a little harsh. Monday morning brought a quick response from Epson support, and Tuesday FedEx brought two of the new model lamps to replace my original bulb and the replacement I bought. I have to give props to a company that will admit a mistake and make it right.
John Posted Jan 23, 2011 6:00 PM PST
Earlier today I noticed image was darker than previous and detail was reduced. In the eveneing bulb on my 8500UB was dead (Light is flashing after a few minutes of being powered on). There were 440 hours on it.
StGeorgeRR Posted Jan 30, 2011 6:07 PM PST
Home Cinema 8100, ceiling mount and an awesome projector over the past 12 months of use (423 hours on the bulb - all in eco mode) - noticed it was much darker yesterday and then today - the flashing lamp light. 4000 hours - not even close. I will give them a call tomorrow.
Jeff Posted Feb 9, 2011 9:52 AM PST
Happy enough with Epson technical support but I am on bulb number 5 with 11mo left on warranty. No bulb has lasted longer than 700 hours. I have no air flow restrictions. i run in eco and I change the filter... Its either the lamp or the projector.
John Posted Feb 11, 2011 4:28 PM PST
Like others have indicated it is not clear whether issue is with the bulb or the projector. Epson indicated to me it was the bulb. However, if replacement bulbs are having the same problem that would mean they are shipping defective bulbs even knowing there is an issue.

The concern is it is the projector as if it is it will be VERY expensive once the warranty is over (in the mean time it is very annoying).

Rusty Posted Mar 7, 2011 3:28 AM PST
Wow. So Epson lamp does not come with a Warranty. Seriously am i supposed to buy a super expensive lamp without a commitment on how long it may last. I feel i am being cheated..Did i make a huge mistake by buying Epson in India. In USA i would have taken these guys to court.
Jasnik Posted Mar 10, 2011 9:18 AM PST
My Bulb just went 2600 hrs . I had it eco mode all the time . I always turn it off correctly power button wait for cooling cycle then switch off. It is away from everything else lots of room round it . I have checked filter and it was clean . So it must be bad lamps . I phoned Epson only in first year of warranty and they are sending a new bulb . I hope they have fixed the underlying problem with these bulbs especially as they say they are 4000 hrs life. Just wanted to point out even if you treat the machine as recommended the bulb will still go . Sounds like I got a goood shift out of mine .
Jasnik Posted Mar 10, 2011 9:19 AM PST
Addition this was for the 8500UB model
Sailorb Posted Mar 20, 2011 11:26 AM PST
My 8350 started dimming quickly at 320hrs and blew last night at 420hrs, will call first thing Monday morning and see whats up, My question is are the bulbs warranted for 2 years now or are they warranting the bulbs for the projector warranty of two years. Cause if it is that they will warranty a bulb for two years from the purchase of the bulb then I would still be happy, if not I feel cheated on this purchase of the 8350 because this was a known problem in other like projectors and it doesn't seem to have been addressed.
JacquesPorquois Posted Apr 5, 2011 10:15 AM PST
I noticed the bulb dimming by half a few days ago. I had over 1700 hours on it. And it finally died last night. I called Epson this morning and they were great. Informed me about the amended warranty to include bulbs and I am getting a new replacement bulb tomorrow at no cost. My only worry is that when the warranty expires, I may be going through bulbs pretty quickly. But bravo to Epson for doing the right thing and for excellent customer service. It will factor heavily when I buy a projector again.
Bruce Posted Apr 7, 2011 7:35 PM PST
Other Epson projector models use this same lamp. Are the lamp problems generally related to the 8100 or are they also significant to the 8700UB?
bpn77 Posted May 9, 2011 8:32 AM PST
just had the same thing happen to my 8100 after probably just over a year of moderate use. i called the number above and they said they're sending a new lamp overnight today and that it's an issue with a faulty part in the lamp. also confirmed my lamp warranty is now tied to my hw warranty. no complaints so far. the tech said it only applied to pro and home 1080p models. calling them and getting it sorted took 5 mins.

customer service done right, how strange and awesome. am i dreaming?
Everette Middleton Posted May 27, 2011 6:35 PM PST
I've had this problem 3 times now. The first and second time their customer service was great. And on the second time they said it was a hardware issue and replaced my projector. But, it just happened again!! And now they are denying what is written above! They want me to purchase a new lamp, but I'd be a fool to after everything I know. Is there a link or any other Epson documentIon confirming this article?
Wiley Posted Jul 5, 2011 1:40 PM PST
I've had great support from Epson for my 8100. Original bulb popped at ~1200 hours, replaced within 24 hours. Replacement bulb popped at ~1600 hours, replacement on it's way. They say that the manufacturing issue with the old bulbs is resolved by sourcing another vendor, so hopefully this replacement will approach the 4000 hour estimate. Either way, happy with the product and their support.
Mary Posted Jul 28, 2011 9:21 PM PST
1700 hours on my 8500ub and lamp died today

No warning, just nothing but a blinking red light

I called Epson and they're repkacing the bulb at no charge because its still under my warranty

Its sitting on a bookshelf with about 6 inches of room above it, but nothing blocking behind or beside it

I also don't turn off the switch

Does that make a difference?
brad Posted Aug 24, 2011 8:31 AM PST
Bulb on my 8350 popped yesterday after 8 months, not sure how many hours. Just got off the phone with Epson. They acknoledged a defective part in the bulb and are now using a different vendor. Bulb will be here tomorrow. Now that is great customer service.
Jeremy in the D Posted Aug 30, 2011 8:50 AM PST
My Epson 8100 lamp just blew last night after 1 1/2 years of use/approx. 1000 hours. Customer service this morning was fantastic as all the previous posts stated. They stated that they are sending a new lamp next day air to my house. Can't beat that.

Epson has a customer for life!
Steve Brown Posted Sep 9, 2011 10:42 AM PST
8100 is 16 months old and just called customer service for my second replacement lamp. First one lasted only 6 months and less than 400 hrs. This one lasted 10 months.
Brian Vaughn Posted Sep 25, 2011 7:23 AM PST
My brand new Epson 8350 blew its bulb 45 minutes after I got it. That has to be a record, eh? Fortunately Crutchfield is replacing the whole unit on Monday in case it's faulty.
joe Posted Oct 10, 2011 8:17 AM PST
Excellent Epson Support today... They are replacing my lamp which did blow with about 1000 hours on it however almost at it's 2 year life. THANKS EPSON - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
PaulM Posted Oct 27, 2011 7:04 PM PST
I bought the Epson 8100 in June 2010 and was growing optimistic that I ended up with a "good" lamp. Not the case. It went out yesterday with 700 hours. I had noticed all of the comments about lamp life before I bought it, so I kept a simple log of how much I watched, to have a record other than the timer on the projector itself. I called Epson and after some technical checks, they quickly offered to overnight a new replacement lamp at no cost. If I get another 16 months and 700 hours, I'll consider myself lucky. Very good customer service from Epson. I'm glad for that. Oh, and my projector is not in a cabinet -- it's on the ceiling, not enclosed and gets plenty of air circulation, so overheating was not an issue, as suggested in the article.
George W Posted Nov 16, 2011 2:59 PM PST
We are on our 3rd bulb on our 8100. I love this projector, brag about it to my friends but if it weren't for Best Buy's Geek squad protection, we'd be screwed! The first bulb went out at 1800 hours, the second burned out at 600 hours! the third bulb is dimmer right out of the box. I do love this product and hope that a good fix comes... large flat screen are starting to really come down in price and are getting more tempting. Our projector is on a shelf with lots of easy open airflow around it... that is not the issue.
GregK Posted Nov 22, 2011 6:23 AM PST
Grateful to find this article. Had just ordered replacement from Amazon, but discovered these comments and called Epson first thing this morning. Sure enough they're shipping me a new bulb via FedEx overnight. I have about 1400 hours on the orig bulb. I'm about 18 months into my warranty. Now I'm nervous about the life expectancy of the replacement, but at least I've postponed the $250 expense for a little while. It sure sounds like there's something wrong with the actual projector to cause such short life out of the bulbs. I wonder if Epson is just trying to get everyone past the 2 year warranty period, and then we're all forced to either keep buying new bulbs every 400-1800 hours or give up and buy a new projector.
Mike Guerra Posted Dec 12, 2011 8:47 AM PST
Epson Home Cinema 8100 Projector bought from Visual Apex on 06/14/2010. Bulb went out 12/10/2011 @ 800 hrs. Called Epson in the AM on 12/12/2011 and they agreed to overnight me a new bulb, whole call took less than 10 mins. Never had such good customer service!! Although I am worried about what will happen when the new bulb goes out prematurely. Since that seems to be the pattern with all others in my shoes... By the way my prijector is ceiling mounted with nothing around it or above it for 2 feet and the filter is changed regularly.
Tyler L. Posted Dec 21, 2011 1:45 PM PST
Soooo glad I found this page. My original lamp in my Epson 8500UB died under 400 hours. Naive, I bit the bullet and bought a replacement lamp. Now this replacement lamp is almost dead at 395 hours.

I called Epson PrivateLine, and they are shipping me TWO replacement lamps for free (once I sent them the receipt of the first replacement lamp)! Awesome support! Makes me a little happier even though these lamps are supposed to last like 4000 hours or something haha...
Len Seigel Posted Dec 30, 2011 4:02 PM PST
I am also SO glad I found this post. My 1080p 8350 had less than 800 hours and I noticed a very dim picture over the past few days. Today there was a very loud pop and the lamp blew. I found many sites selling replacement lamps from $150 to $216 and I was VERY close to ordering one. I read warnings about NOT using Generic OEM lamps and while surfing for the best deal I found this forum. I had no idea what my Epson PrivateLine PIN was but when I opened the projector box I was pleased to find a Private Line card with a PIN on the back. I called the number and spoke to an Epson Support Rep who was very friendly and helpful and I should have a replacement lamp within a couple of days. I didn't even have to pay for shipping. Aside from this premature lamp problem I have been EXTREMELY happy with this picture and I am really shocked Epson is replacing this for no cost. Excellent projector and superior support!!!
Ron S Posted Jan 3, 2012 8:02 PM PST
I have the 8100 mounted to the ceiling in my media room and had no problems for a year, until last week. The brightness went way down so I checked the hours used and it was barely over 800. Tonight my daughter sadly told me the bulb warning light is blinking red. I'll be calling Epson tomorrow for a replacement bulb. Have they identified the problem yet?
Marv Posted Jan 13, 2012 8:32 PM PST
I have a 8100 the longest bulb lasted 923 hrs. I am on my 3rd bulb since may 2011. They have replaced the bulb each time but their website states 90 day warranty on the bulb. How can we confirm the above...the picture quality is great
Mark Posted Feb 6, 2012 6:11 PM PST
I've had my 8100 since Jan 2010, had my first bulb go in Jan 2011, and the replacement just went. After reading this article and others experiences, I dug out my boxes (projector and replacement bulb) and invoices and called Epson. They could not have been any better! They assured me the problem was a bulb design issue that has been 'rectified' in the last 6 months, have express shipped me 2 bulbs to replace mine (I kept the original bulb that also went bad - required), and have given me a case number in case the problem continues beyond the warranty. I am very happy with the customer service as well as the picture quality of my Epson 8100!!
TomM Posted Feb 22, 2012 10:00 PM PST
I was just days away from ordering the 8350 after reading all the positive reviews but then stumbled across the lamp and iris issues after doing my homework by pouring through various online forums. It's nice that they have extended the lamp warranty to 2 years but what then? I've been waiting to see if these issues have been resolved but have seen little to suggest they have been. Despite the reviews clearly indicating that this projector is the right fit for me, I can't see myself taking the leap of faith.
Neil Posted Mar 1, 2012 12:33 PM PST
I'm about to pull the trigger on an 8350, knowing about the bulb life issue. A recent poster mentioned that EPSON knew the bulb design was faulty and had improved it. I've seen mainly posts here from folks that have gotten replacements but not posted the results of the replacements. Are the replacement bulbs indeed better in the last 6 months? Are you getting more life out of the newer bulbs?
Andrew Posted Mar 13, 2012 1:32 PM PST
I've had my Epson 8700UB for 1 year and one week. It's mounted from the ceiling in my darkened media room. A few days ago I noticed the picture wasn't as bright. Last night, after only 800 (approx) hours of viewing, the projector warning lamp was flashing red and would not turn on. I contacted Visual Apex who told me to contact Epson directly, and they provided me with their number and a temporary customer code. After talking to the Epson rep, they are overnighting a free replacement. I asked if the defect had been resolved and she said the new bulb would not suffer from the same problem. Lets hope so. Both companies customer relations/support have been very good to date.
Hometheatertech Posted Mar 19, 2012 5:01 PM PST
Called epson pin line and they agreed to replace my bulb on a 8350. After 2900 hrs in a year! Sweet customer service ! Cant beat that.
Jdub Posted Mar 27, 2012 6:10 PM PST
The lamp on our 8700 was unusable after 2000 hours, called Epson at noon yesterday and had a new one by 1000 this morning. Great customer service!
Don Posted Apr 23, 2012 1:50 PM PST
Bulb info – Epson has just shipped me a new bulb after mine failed. Original bulb for my 8350 lasted 17 months (2100 hours total). So they are keeping their promise to allow the bulbs to be under warranty for two years also. That’s very cool in today’s world! Just as a side note, I previously had an Optoma 720p that their bulb went only 1500 hours. And that was at the economy (50% less power mode). I bought a new bulb and it went 560 hours. Optoma refused to help out and there even was a small class action lawsuit on them. I have no idea if it was resolved. Something about the power supply was putting out too much voltage. That’s when I changed to Epson. All in all I think these bulbs get so hot that we are all going to be replacing them every 1500 to 2000 hours. (Darn – that hurts). PS – reading lots about cheap bulbs for half price going bad in 2 and 3 days, so be careful on buying the “cheapies”….
Nate Posted Apr 25, 2012 4:35 PM PST
My 8350 bulb started to get dimmer recently (1 year after initial purchase and 1500 lamp hours on mostly Dynamic as it's for all purpose viewing in a living room) and just today would not display an image and gave me the blinking red Lamp indicator on the unit itself. Grabbed the box the PJ came in and my personal pin in the back of the manual/booklet that was provided and called up Epson. About a 3 minute call later with a very helpful rep, they are overnighting me a new bulb. Absolutely stellar customer service !! Kudos to Epson as they've now acquired a long-term customer
Michael Posted May 11, 2012 6:11 PM PST
I have a HomeCinema 8700 ceiling mounted and the first bulb went out after 600 hours and the second one after 300 hours. I emailed Epson telling them there has to be something wrong with the projector and I want to have it checked out and not just another bulb. I fear they will keep sending me bulbs until my warranty expires and then I'm on my own.
Larry Edwards Posted May 14, 2012 8:37 AM PST
I have owned the 8100 for aprox 2.5 years now and have had the bulb replaced 6 times. It is ceiling mounted with plenty of space (and down in the basement where temp stays relatively cool anyway). I just received my 6th bulb last week from support but now see a pink line around the top and that i need to send unit to service center. I dont think i will purchase epson ever again.
Justin Dube Posted May 15, 2012 7:07 PM PST
I have an Epson 8350 and have had it a year and 4 months. The bulb is original to the unit and though I have noticed some dimming it has 3261 hours on it right now. Most of.that time it has been on x.v. color in normal mode during the day and economy at night. I don't know what everyone is talking about. I love this thing.
Steve Woods Posted May 20, 2012 12:55 AM PST
I have the same lamp issue with my 8350. Lamp went after only 900 hours. I bought a new one and it lasted 2 days! But because I bought it in Honolulu and then returned home to New Zealand Epson Asia Pacific are saying it's not covered. Has anyone else had this same issue?
philmike Posted Sep 9, 2012 6:48 PM PST
I've had my 8350 since Jan 2010. I now have 3262 on original lamp starting to fade finally,I'm actually surprised to get that many hours out of it. I bought it from best buy as they price matched an internet price. I bought an extended warranty with them.I figured I'd be smart n get it as I knew how much bulbs cost. Best buy actually doesn't carry the replacement bulbs actually have to buy them and best buy will reimburse you,if that's the case I'm cool with that. If I were other people on this site what I would do and am going to do is extend past my extended warranty,that way I'm covered with lamp replacement and any hardware problems that may occur.its that simple to do.I am totally happy with the projector,as I would like to get maybe 10 years out of the projector,as by that time I'm sure I'll be ready to upgrade.looks great in my media room with my 163 inch screen
John Posted Sep 16, 2012 5:33 PM PST
Second bulb just went out at 1300 hours. Epson says this replacement should not have had an issue. Will be calling Epson tomorrow.
Kazooless Posted Oct 15, 2012 11:09 AM PST
Wow. I am SO glad I found this thread! I bought mine December of 2010. I have absolutely loved it but the bulb blew out today. I called them with my serial number and within a few minutes they approved an overnight replacement. I had 2815 hours on the bulb.
Rick Posted Oct 22, 2012 4:01 PM PST
I love my 8350 and was sad when the lamp went. I thought I would have to replace the bulb at my cost but was so happy to find this article. I called the Privateline number and spoke with Chaz. He told me Epson would send me a new lamp at no cost. Chaz did recommend cleaning the air filter once a month, stating that the lack of maintenance could result in early lamp failure. I was prepared to buy a new bulb but what a nice surprise. Epson has a customer for a long time.
Ed H Posted Oct 24, 2012 5:25 PM PST
Just called Epson. 1700 hrs on my 8350 before it blew. Free replacement on the way. Unfortunately 2-7 business days.
bob3 Posted Oct 24, 2012 5:40 PM PST
Wow!! just dialed the number provided above and Ebson is sending me a new bulb which will arrive in 2-7 days! Super thrilled!! It just quite working tonight. I have had the projector for 16 months with many, many hrs. Not even sure how to check hrs. TKS for the info!! Super helpful
PMurphy Posted Nov 5, 2012 10:33 AM PST
I just called the customer service dept. at the number listed in the above article and was told I would be receiving my bulb in 2 to 7 days! I was thrilled to say the least to find out I just saved $250. The phone call took less than 10 minutes and all they needed from me was the serial # to verify warranty. Epson just gained a customer and "sales rep" for a long time...
Peter Nakada Posted Nov 5, 2012 7:08 PM PST
Agree -- amazing service. Two months shy of end of warranty period, but < 800 hours on the projector, the lamp burned out. Epson asked the following questions: Date/place of purchase, signal source (Mac or PC), serial number -- and that's it. They promised to ship a replacement free in 2-7 business days -- no questions asked. Happy customer . . .
IaCraig Posted Nov 15, 2012 8:08 PM PST
Today I called, you need your serial #, they don't use the PIN cards anymore. The rep recommended I use the high altitude setting so the fan blows harder. He said my new bulb is in the mail.
Aaron Posted Nov 21, 2012 2:14 PM PST
Awesome post, my 8350 went black little over 2k hours called the number today and bulb will be shipped with no problems! Glad I bought this fantastic product!
Irby Posted Nov 30, 2012 6:01 AM PST
Purchased my 8100 in March 2010. Ceiling mount, inverted, minimum 2' clearance all around. Bulb failed in June 2011 with 673 hrs. Replaced by epson. Fastfwd to Nov 2012. Bulb failed with just over 800 hrs. Initially support epson stated that since projector was out of warranty, the failure wasn't covered. When pressed, a "one time courtesy" replacement was provided. My argument was: A $1500 projector that's costing $250 a year to run (under light use) was simply ridiculous and didn't speak well for epsons products. Why would I spend $250 on a bulb that, in my experience,hasn't even made it to1,000 hrs, much less the advertised 4,000 (which was a key factor in my selection of this projector.

So, now I have to decide whether to gamble with the replacement bulb, or sell the whole thing.
charles Posted Dec 7, 2012 8:55 AM PST
My projector hangs from 1 ft pole, walls are 8+ feet away, and I put it in loud fan high altitude mode but still only got 1700 hours (my best by far yet). They are always nice and issue a replacement (probably on my 4th or 5th lamp in two years). Free lamps till the end of warranty beats a recall for them I guess but it is still bull as the 4K spec was the reason I bought it...i feel scammed. Even worse, I recommended to a friend and his has been the SAME STORY. ..just adding my voice to the list.
Mike L Posted Dec 11, 2012 9:43 PM PST
I bought my 8100 in 12/2009. Got my first bulb burnout only after 3 months. Espson sent out a free replacement. Espson customer support has been Awesome over the life of the 2yr warantee (plus an extra year because they know there is an issue). On average I get 4 to 6 months out of a bulb (700 to 1400 hrs). They have sent me two replacement projectors, but still go through bulbs. I think I'm on bulb number 11 in 3 yrs. They say this is the last bulb they will cover, now I wonder what I do Epson Customer Service, but I wonder if the new Epson projectors will have the same problem...I personally think it is a design flaw in the 8100 projector. My projector gets plenty of air circulation and I clean my filter. Hopefully the new models are better designed. Everthing else about this projector is really awesome.
Giacomotto Posted Dec 12, 2012 2:10 AM PST
Hi there,

I live in Australia and have the same problem -bulb failure after 900hours-... Epson here seems to not have the same politic. Do you know if there is somewhere or a specific phone number to complain ??? Really unhappy to see a discimination from Epson between countries.

Cheers @J
Paul Donaldson Posted Jan 3, 2013 8:42 PM PST
I have an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350. The first bulb blew at 600 hours and the second has just blown at 700 hours. I have a ceiling mount with an extension and clean the filter regularly. I am not sure why I have experienced short bulb life, but it is getting annoying. Thinking I should sell the unit for a newer model. Any suggestions?
Chris Posted Jan 4, 2013 4:11 PM PST
AWESOME!!! My 8350 bulb just went out after 6 months of regular use. Called the number with my serial number and date of purchase. FREE new bulb is on its way! Thanks for the info!!
Duff Posted Jan 4, 2013 7:36 PM PST
8700UB is on 3rd bulb in 2 years. Averaging 715 hours per bulb. Hanging in same spot as previous projector that had 2000+ hours which I sold. The picture is amazing on 8700UB, but hate the every 6 month bulb replace.
Lawrence Posted Jan 9, 2013 7:56 PM PST
I wanted to relay some good info to those of you who might have had a premature failure of the lamp in your 8350. I purchased my PJ on 4/1/11 and was super happy with it until about 8/20/12 when after 830 hours the lamp suddenly dimmed and then refused to light. I removed the lamp and observed that the post that the filament is attached to was drooping, as if it melted. I looked through my owners manual and read that there was a 90 day warranty on the lamp. I never bothered to call epson, assuming they would cite the written warranty limitations, and tossed the lamp. So I purchased a replacement from Pureland Supply, which offers a Sylvania OSRAM lamp. I was not sure about the lamp, but after looking at their customer service reviews I though it was worth the risk to save close to 200 bucks. So I bought the lamp, installed, ran fine from Aug 2012 till 1/1/13 when it suddenly would not stay lit. I removed the lamp in order to examine and reseat it, as I did so I noticed glittery flakes coming off the lamp. On the bulb the reflective material was crackling and flaking off ad area about the size of a oval dime. Never seen this phenomenon in 12 years of owning PJS. Reseated the lamp and refused to stay lit. Again I checked my docs and find I am 40 days out of warranty.

Kind of down in the dumps as i got all these new BR discs for Xmas and cant watch em, I called up Pureland and give them the skinny, and to my surprise I get them to agree to replace the lamp for a $50 dollar handling fee. Boxed up the defective one and shipped it off, I am now waiting on the replacement. In the mean time I got to reading some reviews in PJ Central on the new and old models and see a edit to a review of the 8350 that states that because of known issues epson had extended its 2 year PJ warranty to the lamp. Joy! Now I had to convince them to replace a lamp that blew out over 4 months ago AND I did not have a "dead lamp" to return. As expected I met some resistance with the first line tech sup rep, he stating that I had to make a claim within 90 days of the failure...I offered to read him the warranty terms and challenged him to point out that clause and he could not. I also expressed that epson chose to modify the terms of the lamp warranty coverage with no notice to the customer, and just because I was not aware of the additional time afforded me did not void that coverage. He then tried to tell me that because I purchased a replacement through a 3rd party I was not entitled to a replacement, to which I argued that my transaction with Pureland was not relevant to the warranty and its application.

Basically after asking for a supervisor/manager he put me on hold for 5 minutes and came back asking for serial # info so they could replace the lamp as "a one time courtesy", whatever makes them feel better. The lamp was defective, they have all but admitted that they have/had an issue with lamps in this series.

So in the end I have 2 new lamps coming my way, with a little sugar, persistence, and convincing arguments it seems that you can get good service from both Epson and Pureland.
Mike Posted Jan 13, 2013 11:17 AM PST
I have an 8100 UB and the first lamp failed at 800 hrs; the second one has now failed at 500 hrs. The projector is ceiling mounted with free air space all around.
Darrell Richards Posted Feb 22, 2013 1:46 PM PST
I have an 8700 UB and got 1190 hrs out of an estimated 4000 It would be smart if they gave you a range say 3000 to 5000, or as appears to be the case 750 to 4000. I would rather be happily surprised than disappointed.
Steve-O Posted Feb 22, 2013 2:28 PM PST
I have an Epson PowerLite HC 8350 that was 9 months old, but the lamp got very dim around 675 hours. I called Epson, gave them the S/N, they asked questions about the setup (on top of a bookcase, with some ventilation room in the back) then they put me on hold for a few minutes while they checked something (I wonder what? This should all be pretty routine from what I've been reading). Then they came back and told me that though the lamp warranty was only 90 days, the projector was still under the 12 month warranty and so they'd send me a free replacement lamp as a one time courtesy. Call it whatever you want if it makes you feel better, Epson, but I've owned 2 other projectors over 8 years and a 4000 hour lamp failing at only 675 hours is an embarrassing product failure that needs to be fixed, and is not some goodwill "courtesy". LOL The long life rating is one of the reasons I bought this model at all. Anyway, they were polite enough about it and are shipping it via Fed Ex for free and I just ship them back the failed one. So, never mind my snark, because overall I'm pleased with how Epson handled the problem.

If overheating is the culprit, maybe I should use a tiny fan dedicated to blowing on the unit? I'll do anything to help extend the life.
Breeze Posted Mar 20, 2013 5:44 PM PST
I was subject of the frequent bulb failures of this 8100 model. Ive had 5 bulbs replaced and the projector replaced once(FREE from epson support).

They finally discovered there was a flaw with the actual manufacturing of the bulb. The 6th replacement actually lasted the full amount of its lifetime.

Epson was very great with the replacements and Im personally glad they discovered the problem and reported it to me.

I cant forsee many companies sending out this much replacement equipment for FREE! I love them and will definately keep with them.

My projector had excellent placement in a room, being ceiling mounted in a 40x30 room with approx 10' to the closest wall.
barney Posted Mar 29, 2013 6:58 AM PST
@Giacomotto hi there I also live in australia, how you go with the lamp? i have a powerlite 8350 and the lamp just died. bought about 20 months ago with low to moderate use. There is no picture at all so I cant get the hours. I was just gonna buy a replacement lamp but if there a chance of warranty replacement Im all ears. Any advice would be much appreciated. cheers
Nicole Hoffmon Posted Mar 30, 2013 11:51 AM PST
Absolutely, great customer service. Our Epson projector lamp went out after about 7 months of use. My husband read the post about their awesome warranty, and sure enough when I called,the man said he'd send us a new bulb and all I had to do was send them the old one back. We've never experienced great customer service like this before. Bulbs are normally $400 or so, so this was great news. Thanks Epson :).
Locane Posted Apr 7, 2013 9:23 PM PST
I just wanted to post here saying that my Epson 8350 lamp has gone out early too, and appears to be drooping in the center of the bulb just like someone else posted.

I just finished emailing Epson about it - I truly hope they stick with the policy Evan (the author of the article) experienced. I will be very upset if they refuse to replace it.
Locane Posted Apr 10, 2013 12:03 AM PST
My Epson 8350 lamp died suddenly and I had to contact Epson support.

I was told the same line - that they would send me a one-time replacement lamp as a courtesy but that they don't warrant the lamp.

Two shocking things happened next:

1. The bulb arrived THE NEXT DAY. I was flabbergasted.

2. Installing the new bulb in my Epson 8350 made it MUCH, MUCH brighter. I was shocked at how bad it had gotten without me realizing it. I should have been clued in when the image was washed out with night lights on.
Maan Saad Posted Apr 14, 2013 7:09 PM PST
Just recounting my experience with Epson support. I own 4 home theatre projectors. Yes, I am a home theatre enthusiast. I own the 8700 UB, 8345, 9345 and just recently purchased the 3D capable 3020. My main issue is early lamp failure. I find tgat after 400-500 hours most epson lamps in the above projectors become too dim to the point that the screen. (92 inch Diagonal) is unwatchable. I have had good and acceptable support from Epson in the past but if you call more than once, for unrelated issues, then Epson is not so friendly and generous. Last time I had issues with premature lamp failure they were helpful and sent me a replacement lamp for my 8350 pprojector. However the lamp looked used as if someone just picked it up from a service bench and stuck it in a box. No documentation no lamp replacement tool. Suffice to say lamp was not the best and Dim to start with. I called again voicing my angst but was told Epson does not send used lamps and flatly refused a new replacement. My stance after buying 4 projectors and supporting Epson for years is I know a crappy lamp when i see one. I certainly am not happy but just my experiences to fellow home theater enthusiasts.
Maan Saad Posted Apr 14, 2013 7:21 PM PST again. I just posted a comment of my lamp experiences with Epson support and got to a more thorough reading of all the comments here. It seems that premature lamp failure is a common issue with the lamp used in the Powerlite 8350, 9350 and 8700 . The EL49??? Model. It seems for most people Epson replaces the lamp once and then you are on your own. That has been my experience and that of others too if all the comments on various websites are to be relied on. I own Four Epson projectors and if I have to pay $300 after 400 hours of use as opposed to the advertised 4000 hours then I better get an HDTV instead of projectors. To be fair Epson has great support the first time you call if valid reasons exist. They do send you a refurb. Projector but my lamp experiences have left me in the dark.
Michael Drouin Posted Apr 18, 2013 11:43 AM PST
I have a 8700 that kept burning up bulbs with under 1000 hours. Epson rep would always tell me that they had a bad batch of bulbs and nothing is wrong with projector. After the 3rd bulb I told Epson rep that I had the bad feeling Epson was stringing me along with bulbs until my warranty expired. Sure enough, bulb blew this month with only 800 hours on it and this time rep said it sounds like I'm having a hardware issue, a bad ballast probably, but unfortunately my projector is out of warranty. I filed a complaint with BBB. Never will I buy an Epson product again.
Saulgood Posted Apr 19, 2013 2:39 PM PST
I love my projector powerlite 8100 picture quality. I have a 108" screen and it is awesome! I HATE that im on my 6th or 7th bulb in the time i've owned this. Epson replaced bulbs a few times free, they told me they knew there was a manufactuer defect. Then they told me i could "buy" an extended warranty. If they knew there was a problem why would people need to "buy" an extended warranty? I bought the projector because they were supposed to be better than a TV. Well now that i've spent a small fortune on lamps i made a mistake in buying Epson! I will look to other brands :(
Tim Wink Posted Apr 25, 2013 6:29 AM PST
I purchased my 8100 in Jan 2010 the first bub went out at 400 hours They sent a free repacement. the 2nd bulb went out at 600 hours, they sent a free repacement. The 3rd, 4th and 5th bulbs all went out between 600 and 750 hours. $300 x 3 %&^&( Why do they advertise 4000 lamp hours and only warranty it for 1 year. It seems the same as my epson printer $50 for ink cartriges and it has 5 of them

They know there is a problem and will do nothing after the first year.
Miguel Guerra Posted Jul 22, 2013 3:15 PM PST
I too have had lamp failure twice. Bought my epson powerlite home cinema 8100 06/14/2010 and on 09/12/2011 the first bulb went out with about 600 hrs on it. Called Epson and they sent me a replacement, of course I asked what if this one only last a few hours and goes out as well. They said we know there is an issue and have a new lamp supplier. I asked if I was getting one of the new suppliers lamps and Epson rep said they could not verify that but if it went out again they would end me another one. So it went out 07/22/2013 and now Epson says they will not do anything and are very sorry I only got around 500 hrs out of my replacement. And by the way I have my projector ceiling mounted in my theater room. It is about 14 inches off the ceiling and 18 inches from the wall. Great picture but I WILL NEVER BUY EPSON AGAIN!!!
Mike M Posted Jul 23, 2013 1:29 PM PST
Duff, I'm on my 5th bulb in 2-1/2 years with the average lamp life of 720 hours, just like you. To their credit, Epson has sent me 3 replacement bulbs, but after 2-1/2 years, they're not sending anymore. Oh well. I love the projector, but I hate replacing these $250+ bulbs every 6 months...
Paul K Posted Jul 25, 2013 5:29 PM PST
Add my experience to the list of frustrated epson owners. My bulb blew at 650 hrs. The unit is two years old and otherwise excellent.I called epson and got a very corporate answer that " we have changed our internal policy" and no longer replace bulbs. Later they called back and offered my a 15% discount, which is still more than the Ny dealer I called charged. Very poor way to build brand loyalty!
Bruce Posted Jul 27, 2013 7:10 AM PST
My Cinema 8350 must have bad circuitry because I just replaced a bulb with a new Epson OEM lamp and it lasted 12 hrs and went out. I had a new spare and now, the lamp does not light at all and after about 4 minutes the fan gets louder and then the red "lamp" light starts flashing. The brand new lamp never came on after the previous lamp lasted <12 hours. What is happening? It is ceiling mounted with plenty of clearance and the previous bulb lasted 2200 hrs.
Mike Posted Aug 17, 2013 7:27 AM PST
I have a homelite 3020, bought only 4 moths ago, installed only 1 month ago on ceiling with more than adequate ventilation. less than 20 hrs and the bulb is already gone, now after seeing all of these posts i'm worried, I thought I did my homework on buying a good projector, it's awesome other than this bulb issue, I have yet to contact Epson:(
Conrad Posted Aug 29, 2013 8:13 PM PST
Same problem as everyone else. Purchased my projector in 2010, it hardly has any hours on the original bulb and epson will not cover it. They sold me a 4000 hour bulb but it hasn't lasted a quarter of that time. Wouldn't purchase another one of their products.
Scott Posted Sep 6, 2013 10:26 AM PST
just got off the phone with epson support and have an awful tast in my mouth. My buld started to dim already and it only has 611 hrs on it. About 7 months ago the first bulb had 890 hrs on it when it flicked twice then a loud pop. Epson replaced that one. Now with only 611 hrs it is dimming already. Called epson again and they said only 90 day warrenty on lamp the last one was a courtesy replacement. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY AN EPSON PRODUCT AGAIN!!!Love the projector but can't afford 299.00 per lamp every 5 to 6 months.
Danny Posted Sep 9, 2013 2:18 PM PST
Amazing, It worked exactly as described. Thank you for saving me a lot of money
Zilly Bones Posted Sep 10, 2013 6:21 AM PST
I purchased a 8700UB 2.25 yeards ago and have gone through 3 lamps. Called Epson and they are sending out a replacement projector. We'll see
Opumayaquem Posted Oct 29, 2013 12:53 PM PST
I too have an Epson 8700 UB and have been through a number of bulbs every 6 months. Swapped out projectors after the first couple of bulbs burned out in under 1000 hours. Neither bulbs nor swapped projectors fixed the issue. Had an 8350 that had the same problem as well. Epson support says their engineers have tested lamps and ballasts and have not found a problem. I have changed filters, projectors, and lamps without success. Seems to me it is a projector design issue. What are the lemon laws on electronics? I am getting tired of replacing the lamp every 6 months. I'm starting to think it would be better to buy a new projector (not Epson) with a bulb that will last 2 years than to spend $1200 on bulbs alone for the Epson in the same 2 years. I don't know if anyone ever gets close to the 3000-4000 hours they advertise. I have tried high-altitude mode (higher fan speed) and eco mode, and it still doesn't ever come close to 2000.
ember giacoletto Posted Oct 31, 2013 8:03 PM PST
What a bunch of crap. We also have the same issues & they don't even answer the support line anymore! This company should be ashamed of its self. We will never buy another epson product ever again!!!
Aaron Posted Nov 18, 2013 2:10 PM PST
We got 200 hours on our original bulb. Was happy to find this article and promptly gave Epson a call thinking they would take care of it. YEAH RIGHT! They gave me the "bulb is only covered for 90 days BS". Despite my efforts to explain to them that a 4000 hour bulb should last much longer than 200 hours regardless of warranty, they responded by giving me the part number and telling me to order a new bulb. Fought with them for 15 minutes and spent another 30+ on hold while he checked with a different department. Nope. No bulb. Didn't seem to even care their product crapped out so quickly. The Epson 8100 is going on Craigslist and I will buy a different brand from a company who actually cares about their customers.
Andrew Posted Jan 6, 2014 5:39 PM PST
I have an Epson 8350 and my first bulb went out after about a year. I had put over 3000 hours on it so I thought, okay, it's about time to switch it.I bought a second and that just went out on me, but with only 2700 hours on it and I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be good for 4000. I didn't even get the dimming effect I did before, it just wouldn't turn on one day. I have it on a shelf I made close to a wall so maybe what was said is true about the heat not dissipating but I don't want to spend another $240 to find out. I maybe time to get away from Epson.
Roland Posted Jan 10, 2014 7:03 PM PST
First of all I want say "thanks" to projector central, it has been my go-to spot for projector information since 2005.

I've had a love-hate relationship with EPSON for over 10 years and reflected on the many comments regarding lamp life and my own mixed results with EPSON support. I decided to purchase a reconditioned 8500UB from the EPSON web store, thinking they may have cured the lamp issues. I received it and it looked perfect, I did note that there was a pronounced green cast for the first few minutes but it always was gone in 4 minutes from power-up and it looked fantastic then! Three nights ago I sat down to watch a movie and I had this nagging feeling that the brightness had fallen off. Last night it was clear there was a problem, I had to run in "living room mode" in a darkened room.....Uhh-oh! Wouldn't turn on today. Called EPSON this afternoon, described the issue including the green on start up. They checked out my Serial # and said the will courier out a replacement and will pay for my faulty projector to be returned. I am pleasantly surprised and will post on how this all works out. My 8500 was purchased in September of 2012, it had about 1100 hours in the ECO mode.
Marcus Posted Feb 21, 2014 4:09 PM PST
Bought the 8700UB projector in October of 2010 and have gone thru 4 lamps so far. Average hours of use before the unit was no longer usable is roughly 900 hours. Owned a BenQ projector before this one and had the same lamp issue; not lasting anywhere near as long as advertised. I have no problem with the projector itself. It's a great unit with a great picture. But having read the previous comments and having dealt with Epson directly I have formed an opinion that I would be willing to bet is a fairly accurate assessment of the current state of affairs in the projector sales business. Because lamp life is a big reason to choose one projector over another, the industry wide practice is to simply make outrageous claims on longevity not borne out by facts. There are no repercussions for making these claims and you sell more units by lying. This sounds harsh but its not personal, its business. And there's no one regulating this industry. How many customers do you think are getting anywhere near 4000 hours of use on their lamps under normal use? Really, I would have bought this projector anyway if Epson and other manufacturers were honest about lamp longevity and just figured that was the cost of owning a home theatre system. But it really burns me that we all have to play this game with the company reps claiming it's "a bad batch of lamps, a faulty projector installation, not cleaning the filter enough, etc., etc." Just be honest with us, the 4000 hour lamp has not been invented yet.
David Tybor Posted May 17, 2014 8:57 PM PST
I have the Epson 8100, I'm on my 3rd bulb in 3 years. Average bulb lifespan is about 500 hours. I'm an AV guy and have installed many projectors. My Epson is in my basement, ceiling mounted with plenty of air space. I also clean my filter every few months. Epson replaced my first bulb, although the last one was out of pocket. I find it incredible that some on have praised Epson for good customer service when they send them a free bulb after it burns out after 400 to 600 hours of use. I am 100 percent positive that, Epson has made false claims on their product (that their projector and official OEM bulbs last 4000 hours) and the customer is paying the price. This will be my last Epson and I advise all to stay away because they are not only lying they are trying to cover it up with blaming the customer for improper air flow.
D. Trudel Posted Aug 30, 2014 1:04 PM PST
8700 ub and use it ONLY for movies and the odd pay per veiw fight. I've had the projector now for 4 years. Have the fan on high altitude setting. I have gotten 1500 hours of acceptable performance out of both and then when you hit 1800 hours it's so dim you can no longer consider it acceptable. Better performance than what everyone else is saying but .... half of what was promised by Epson. Very disappointed.
Patrick Posted Nov 18, 2014 1:37 PM PST
People are still commenting on this post so I think I'll add my two cents.

I am definitely the "budget" projector buyer the article seems to think is the problem.

However, my projector is ceiling mounted almost dead on with slightly little lens shift. Completely open air environment which was important for me to establish from the beginning.

I have had four bulbs provided by Epson. They all blew out at 600-800 hours. I even had them replace the entire unit at one point (which sucked because the one I got back has a bit noisier fan.

I took a chance on a third party bulb off Amazon. It was only $60. I've had it a year and it now has 1800 hours on it.

SOMETHING was wrong with the 8100. It's doubtful I'll buy an Epeson projector again, but I likely won't have to. I'm planning to ride it out another year and hopefully 80" LCD's will be within my price range.
Prakash Posted Nov 20, 2014 6:24 AM PST
I own Epson 8700, I'm on my 3rd bulb in 4 years. Average bulb lifespan is about 650 hours. My projector is ceiling mounted with plenty of air space and 10 ft ceiling height. I also clean my filter every few months. My room temp is always between 72 and 75. My original bulb that came with the projector lasted 880 hours. Epson replaced my first bulb and it lasted 440 hrs which is 10% of the 4,000 hrs of life claimed by Epson. Now they are asking me to pay for the bulb. I am ready to pay the full price for the bulb ($300), if Epson can stand behind their product and guarantee even 1,500 hrs of life on that bulb....again I am only asking for 40,% of their claim of 4,000 hrs of bulb life. I find it meaningless customer service when they send owners a free bulb after it burns out after 400 to 600 hours of use. I am 100 percent positive that, Epson has misrepresented their product (that their projector and official OEM bulbs last 4000 hours) and the customer is paying tons of money for a bulb which is a LEMON. This will be my last Epson and I advise all to stay away because they are not only lying they are trying to cover it up by blaming the customer for improper air flow. Remember car manufacturers who misrepresented gas mileage by 8 to 10%, but they got slapped real hard in fines. EPSON is much worse than them in mis-representing numbers by 90%. Much worse...Now EPSON claims its projector bulbs last 5,000 hours. These lies keep growing as they are not being held responsible.

If there is a regulatory body that exists for the Projectors / electronics, I volunteer to lodge an official complaint with them for investigating EPSON's lies. STAY AWAY FROM EPSON PROJECTORS!
Prakash Posted Nov 20, 2014 6:36 AM PST
Marcus...Very well said. I completely agree with you on this. EPSON is lying about the projector lamp hours. My two bulbs lasted 880 hrs and 440 hrs. That is 10% of the life claimed by EPSON. Worse...the latest claims by EPSON for 3020 projector bulb are 5,000 hours. This is SNAKE OIL STUFF. As you said, absence of regulatory bodies let companies like EPSON get away with outrageous claims on lamp hours.
Richie Rich Posted Feb 28, 2016 6:12 PM PST
I have an Epson Powerlite 8100. All the comments of 600 - 700 hr bulb life, the "courtesy bulb", the "Take your projector to a service center", the "Sorry pay $300 for our bulb" is my story too. I've been using a $40 knock off bulb to moderate satisfaction. It is getting a bit dim but acceptable. I will be trying a $20 bulb next. I also own a Epson printer with the infamous, as I call it, suicide chip. Whereas ink runs low, chip self destructs so it cannot be refilled with affordable ink. As I see it, Epson has a fantastic design to fail team. Guess what Epson, your design to fail team is a success as I, nor my family, will never purchase any product from your company again.
Joseph Lipsky Posted Dec 5, 2016 5:36 PM PST
On our fourth bulb in three years on my Epson Home Cinema 8700 UB home projector. The last one like the one before lasted a whopping 900 hours and it's suspended from our ceiling and kept at a constant 65 to 70 degrees, the lifespan was far less then the 2000 to 4000 hours quoted which was one of the main reasons I chose this make and model. I will never purchase a Epson home projection system again. Totally false advertising.
RicJur Posted Dec 6, 2016 2:54 PM PST
I have an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700UB. Out of the 5 years that I've owned it I've gone through 3 bulbs so far. One was in the projector and the other two were from the company I bought it from.

The Projector is in a basement with 9ft ceilings. It is wall mounted close to the ceiling. Underneath it is a gas fireplace that is run during the winter. All three of my bulbs have had over 1k hours. Some higher than others..

But my Issue is finding a bulb that's not a third party. Now that I'm out of the bulbs that I had, I'm trying to find one that wont go out on me so quickly like I've been reading.
Evan Powell, Editor Posted Dec 6, 2016 3:03 PM PST
RicJur -- one should never mount a projector above a gas fireplace. They radiate a lot of heat which rises to the ceiling. That will definitely shorten bulb life.

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