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Epson 8700 UB and other Review News

The review of one of the most popular models of the fall season, the Epson 8700 UB, has been posted.

Last year's 8500 UB was a dramatic release, and the replacement model 8700 UB has some minor improvements as well as a price reduction. Also, the fact that the two-year warranty covers premature lamp failure for the entire duration of the warranty makes for a very interesting competitive move. Epson remains solidly competitive in the $2000 price range. See review.

We've seen a pre-production sample of Mitsubishi's HC9000D, the high performance 3D projector rated at 120,000:1 contrast. The picture quality is spectacular. We will wait to review a production sample which should be here next month, but this one looks really good so far.

We are awaiting shipment of review samples of 3D units from Sony and JVC, as well as the new premium class Epson units based on reflective LCD. These reviews will be produced as soon as samples become available.

Evan Powell

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Jim Posted Nov 19, 2010 10:25 AM PST
Any idea if Panasonic is planning a 3D LCD projector to follow up on the ae4000?
Adam Posted Nov 21, 2010 7:53 PM PST
Anyone know of a good gaming projector?
Andy Posted Nov 25, 2010 10:12 AM PST
I have never owned a projector before and i have a budget of around $2200. My questions is Panasonic Ae4000 OR Epson UB8700. I am really undecided i have read alot of articles on both but cant decide. The size of picture will be around 100 inchs (diagonal). I am also toying with the idea of using Projector screen paint and painting the whole wall in this color to get around the diffrent ratios, Is this a good or bad idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Sonesen Posted Nov 28, 2010 4:39 AM PST
Andy, when I set up my home theater, I had a much tighter budget than you. I thought about many ways to get a good screen; painted surface, etc. But what I finally ended up doing was buying a Da Lite Glass beaded screen. You can find them on Amazon (search Model B 96X96).

I have never regretted it.

As far as mounting goes, I just got strong ceiling hooks form Home Depot.
Pete Posted Nov 28, 2010 5:35 PM PST
I had a Sanyo Z3 projector which cost about $3K when I bought it. I ordered painter's canvas on line with stretcher bars and built a screen about 8 feet wide. I realize some would say this is too low end, but ti looked great to me. I wasn't about to drop another $800 on a huge screen. I am about to replace my projector with a Epson Home Cinema 8350 and have no plans to replace my home built screen. I have friends that have painted the screen on the wall. Others have made them from tight weave fabric. (I have a lot of cheap friends). All of the screens looked good.
Rajeev Posted Nov 28, 2010 8:08 PM PST
Andy, FWIW, here's my $0.02:

I had the 8700 and 4000U on my shortlist as well. Based on the reviews, they seem comparable with the following factors that made me order the former a couple minutes ago, despite the 8700 being $200 extra (the 4000 is selling for 1799 on B&H): 1. Newer model 2. Better warranty (2 yrs v/s 1) 3. Better contrast 4. Better online reviews regarding customer support 5. Reviews about dust blobs on the 4000U 6. Free lamp with mail in rebate. 7. $200 off until the 29th 8. Better lamp life 9. Reviews indicate better blacks 10. If you have BofA, using AddItUp gets you 3% back on ABT electronics AND (screen for the latter).

Also, from what I read online about screens v/s paint, it appeared that the screen does make a difference. Picked up the M150XWH for $180 on (free shipping) to go with the epson.
Robert Posted Dec 6, 2010 11:48 AM PST
The Epson 8700ub was the best decision I made for my Home Theater. I had the Panny AE2000U. I have a 100" Stewart Grayhawk Screen. I have a 26'x26' dedicated theater room. The front of the room is all black will the back of the room has color. This projector is amazing with all the lights on. perfect for sports games with alot of people over. best black level for the money. color and sharpness are amazing. Anyone looking in to a projector around the $2000.00 range should get the epson 8700ub, you wont be disappointed.
Mike Posted Dec 27, 2010 2:23 PM PST
My wonderful, beautiful, Amazing wife got the the Epson 8700UB for xmas.....Hooked it up the day after xmas, and well its an amazing projector....Its replaceing a Mitsubishi HD1000 (720P). The things that realy stand out are the blacks, and the color saturation!! compared to my Mitsubishi that I have had for 3 or so years.......Im throwing the image up on a 110inch home made screen using dalite high contrast cinema vision screen material (1.1 gain i think). The projector is also pretty it is very brite in living room mode, and is great for watching sports...been looking at this projector since it came out.....and it was on sale at projector people just before xmas for 1999.00. Very Very happy wiht it so far!!!!
steve bakken Posted Mar 21, 2011 2:13 PM PST
Evan.....I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE? for the money for a home theatre, I can see the excitement in the comments that people have made regarding their experience with the Epson 8700UB. I have photography of my home in a 16.9 hd file format that i would like to market during the day of my high-end assisted living facility. I can ony assume that in most cases, I will walk into a room in a home, a conference room in a building and must work with the present ambient lighting at hand. In my home, I have been fighting ambient lighting for several years with my hd dlp Sony and Samsung t.v.'s. After 4:00 or so, I can see the picture again and at night, the picture is almost electrofying based on what we all grew up with. I am 59. I have been looking at the BenQ 890 and then the 891 without finding a review on this latter projector due to the high lumin concentration levels on these 2 projectors. I am trying to purchase only one projector that firstly will perform with ambient lighting during the day and then be the premium home theatre projector at night if this is possible. The review on the 890 talks about noise distortion and the "rainbow effect" when attempting to use this same projector for home theatre. I do not know if this is true with the 891 and you do not have the 840 on your website. I have about $3,000.00 to spend at best for either 1 or 2 projectors. My concentration should really be on the projector that best markets my home for this health care business is my livelihood. Other than presenting my home maybe 10 times each and every week to groups of people, this projector will probably replace some of my dlp t.v. viewing during the day and at night and on the weekends in my home. I know that I must soon invest in an led t.v. also. Because we seldom can afford to leave the house, the quality of the hd viewing on the t.v. is what matters now at home. The new projector must give me this same quality of viewing in video viewing or t.v. viewing as well....nothing short of it. I am not using blue ray as of yet and am not sure about 3 D viewing for the future. I am trying to buy one time only and to have this new experience last me the next 10 years. Incidently my photography presnetation of my home is only 4 minutes and it will never be any longer. Where should I really concentrate my money? Remember the ambient lighting issue? I also have my presnetation files in 4:3 also for DVD reproduction. What does the "eye" really see when you look at something? Other than the lumins, what could I use for a projector during the day? Is the BenQ 840 the way to go? Is the Epson 8700 the best for the buck at night? What will work for both? Please.....I need to buy now. Help me to make a decision. My presentation is 12 days away and I no nothing about using a projector. Regards, Steve Bakken 269-731-5444