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3D 1080p at CES

The CES trade show floor featured half a dozen demos of new 1080p home theater projectors in 3D...

All of these products are either just now shipping, or scheduled to ship this quarter. The demos showed impressive 3D imagery, but generally with varying degrees of instability. Having spent time viewing each of the six, I've written up some impressions in The State of the Art in 3D 1080p.

Evan Powell

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Heepfan1 Posted Jan 18, 2011 5:36 PM PST
Have you heard any word regarding the release of a new Panasonic projector to combat the Epson 8700 UB? They are losing customers through their lack of news. Have they ceded their crown to Epson?
chad Posted Jun 7, 2011 4:07 PM PST
I agree has anyone heard anything, been waiting and wiating to hear news of a ae-4000 replacement and nothing!! Hope they ge3t back in the game and quick!! Other wise I may just go out and get a sony vpl-h20 or epson 8700ub

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