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The Pico Projector = Sales Power

I don't know about you, but when someone flips on a projector and lights up a big screen with the first of many PowerPoint slides, I tense up.

"How long will I be trapped here,” I wonder? “How long-winded will the pitchman be?" I'm on edge because the projector and screen automatically establish a lecturer-lecturee relationship. He and his projector are in control. He stands, I sit. He determines what I see and when I see it. I must live through whatever he wants to foist upon me. Often this puts me in an oddly resentful frame of mind relative to the salesman, teacher, lecturer, or whoever is running the projector.

When a sales rep, even unwittingly, puts a prospect into a defensive or even adversarial frame of mind before even starting, that is terrible salesmanship. Quite often the mobile projector as a sales weapon backfires, because it can do this very thing.

Bold, bright 3000-lumen portable projectors certainly have their place for addressing a roomful of people. But if you are selling one-on-one, or to just two or three people around a table, the last thing you want is to shine a big picture on the wall, then stand up and give a formal lecture. I don't care how good your pie-charts are, this will always create unnecessary distance between you and those you want to communicate with.

What you really want is a less formal presentation format. You want a casual setting, where you and the person or persons you are selling (or assisting or tutoring), can sit around a table and converse at eye level, as equals. Your visual aids should be easy to see and interact with, but not be imposing.

This is exactly what the pico projector and the pico screen give you--a visual aid that is just the right size to support one-on-one or small group interaction in a friendly, unimposing manner.

The pico projector/screen is small, some might say even cute or amusing. That is a good thing, because anything cute and amusing is nonthreatening. And when you pull a pico projector out of your pocket and open up a small, freestanding screen, it's a novelty and a natural ice-breaker. That's always helpful when meeting someone for the first time.

Yes, the pico projector is portable and easy to use. And it is less expensive than most high powered projectors. But for many professional sales reps and teachers, the immense value of the pico projector is not in its portability or low cost. Rather, it's that the pico eliminates the huge pie-chart on the wall with all its authoritarian affectations. It shrinks your visual aid down to a size that is easy to reference, without being an overbearing center of attention in the room. This can give you a vital psychological edge by allowing you to interact more naturally, eye to eye, with prospects and students as you sit comfortably around a table.

Evan Powell

See review of Da-Lite's Pico Screen.

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Richard Evans Posted Feb 14, 2011 9:52 PM PST
Well written and a very good point. My word would be "disarming", which creates a highly effective sales environment whether an initial broad presentation or closing with specific details.
mike swanson Posted Feb 16, 2011 8:22 PM PST
yeah I use my mini projector for sales presentations too. I use the M2 from AAXA and it works like a charm.
Nabi Posted Feb 17, 2011 1:17 PM PST
Yup--I'm much more popular with my Acer k11 than I was with a more formidable Epson. I just whip it out and we can talk across it--ladies think it's cute, too. Smaller can be better.

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