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Projector Apps are coming your way.

The new iPad2 that begins shipping on March 11th will connect to your projector with an HDMI cable using a $39 dongle, giving you access to over 350,000 apps for your projector.

These apps, like YouTube and Hulu Plus, are also found on many Blu-ray players and standalone media players (like Roku and Apple TV) that can be connected directly to projectors or integrated into home theater systems.

The first article of a new Apps series featured on our sister site, HDTVSolutions, is on Netflix, perhaps the most popular streaming movie provider in the country. Future reviews will look at other movie apps like Vudu and CinemaNow as well as music apps like Pandora and Slacker.

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PatB Posted Mar 10, 2011 12:01 PM PST
Your headline seems missleading. The term apps means applications and implies a piece of software that does some specific job. For example there might be a metric to British converter. That might be useful on my desktop, or my laptop, or my tablet computer, or even my Kindle but I don't currently have or want it on my 110" projector screen.

My Roku is has lots of channels that stream content. Calling these media channels apps doesn't clarify much IMHO.
Donna Posted Mar 13, 2011 6:15 PM PST
Important to note that this adapter will also work with the original iPad as well as iPhone 4. Mirroring supported only by iPad 2.

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