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Sharp's 3-D Z17000 is here

Sharp staged a beautiful demo of their new Z17000 3-D projector at CES in January. Now we've had a chance to road test it...

For those anxious to get full HD 1080p resolution 3D into their home theaters, the SharpVision XV-Z17000 is here, and it is the only choice under $5,000. Our Z17000 review has just been posted.

This is a fascinating projector that does extremely well in 3D. But it is not quite as competitive with conventional 2D display. So the value proposition is highly dependent upon how important 3D is to you.

If you've been waiting for 1080p 3-D to get down under $5,000, read through this review. At the end there is a comparison with the less expensive Sony VWPRO1, which is not 3-D enabled. That discussion will help you focus on the issues that are most important to you.

Evan Powell

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Frank Polimene Posted Mar 31, 2011 12:48 PM PST
When you say "..only choice under $5000", why are you omitting JVC DLA projector at $4500 with a street price considerably less?
Stunko Posted Apr 21, 2011 4:37 PM PST
Frank, that must be probably because the Sharp Z17000 is a single-chip projector, whereas the JVCs use professional 3-panel D-ILAs. It is probably unfair to compare any 1-chip PJ to a triple-chip PJ. The only reason to go with single chip model is to save some shekels.

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