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Sony VW90ES Review Posted

Among the new premium 3-D home theater projectors is Sony's VPL-VW90ES. We've spent the last few weeks with this projector, and the review has just been posted.

While this model looks excellent in 2D, we found that its 3D image was dimmer than expected, and showed some cross-talk that we didn't care for. Sony says that they will release a new edition of the 3D glasses to go with this unit in July, and that these new glasses will improve 3D brightness. So we will need to update the review at that time. Meanwhile, here is our review of the VW90ES with the current glasses that it came with.

We are heavy into the shootout of the entry level 1080p projectors. The current plan is to include eight models with prices under $1500, those being the two BenQ models just reviewed, the W1100 and the W1200, the Mitsubishi HC4000, the Epson 8350, the Optoma HD20, the Vivitek H1081, the Viewsonic Pro8200, and the Acer H7531D.

Every time I try to predict when a review will be done, I am wrong. Perhaps I should have been a weatherman. At any rate, we are hoping to have the 1080p shootout done within about three weeks.

Evan Powell

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BILL Posted May 26, 2011 5:03 AM PST
Thank you for your absolutely interesting site. Your help is very useful to make the right decision.
Mike Posted May 30, 2011 7:02 AM PST
The question that has always bugged me and that I never asked is as follows:

In theory, 1080p resolution is physically the same across all brands. Brightness and contrast may change, but as you mention, you can find some excellent performance for less than $3,000.

Ok - so then why are some projectors priced so drastically different from one another? Is there really a noticeable difference (for the average person) between a $1,500-$3,000 projector and a $30,000 Runco projector???

My local high-end home theater place honestly pushes projectors that cost more than most cars! What gives???

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