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New Reviews Posted, Optoma HD33 Announced

The review of the Panasonic AE7000 was posted yesterday, and the review of the Sony HW30ES has just been posted this morning...

These two 3D 1080p home theater projectors have been of keen interest to readers due to their more aggressive pricing compared to other models on the market. See the review of the Panasonic AE7000 here, and the Sony HW30ES here.

A separate shootout article comparing these two models will be posted tomorrow. As always, if you receive our NewsAlerts, you will be notified by email when postings of reviews and articles like this go live. Signing up is as easy as dropping us your email in the box on the home page.

OPTOMA HD33 ANNOUNCED...3D 1080p at $1,499

Optoma has just made a big splash with the announcement of the HD33, a 3D 1080p projector that will smash all previous price barriers and come to market at just $1,499. This DLP-based model is rated at 1800 lumens and 4000:1 contrast. It will begin shipping this month. Congratulations to another vendor for getting a jump on CEDIA.

If all goes according to plan, our review of the Optoma HD33 will be posted within two weeks. That plan is contingent upon a review sample arriving in good condition by the end of this week.

Optoma has also announced two other 3D 1080p models, the HD8300 at $4,499, and the HD3300 at $1999. The HD8300 carries ratings of 30,000:1 contrast and 1500 lumens, and the HD3300 is rated at 5000:1 contrast and 2000 lumens. Both of these are scheduled to ship this month as well. Info on the review schedule for these two units to follow...

Evan Powell

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harris peel Posted Aug 17, 2011 12:09 PM PST
Have been reading you "forever." Base my purchses on your reviews. All happy!
RS4 Posted Aug 23, 2011 8:48 AM PST
Can you please confirm if the HD33 will play 3D in 1080p or not? The pre-launch specification sheet which I found says that 3D will only be played at 720p resolution?

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