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Review schedule update -- 10/14

In response to your many inquiries, here is what we know at this point regarding upcoming home theater reviews...

The production sample of the Epson 3010 is expected to arrive today. If it does, and it is in good condition, we expect to have the review posted by this coming Wednesday, the 19th. Epson says volume shipments of the 3010 in the US will not begin until the end of the month.

The review of the Panasonic AR100 is expected to be completed the following week, assuming (a) the test unit arrives this coming Monday as per the current schedule, and (b) there are no technical problems with that unit. The AR100 has a unique spec profile that should appeal to many home entertainment enthusiasts, but we have not seen any preliminary samples of it here. Should be fascinating to see what comes out of the box next week.

We have not heard from Mitsubishi regarding a delivery date for the HC7800D. We were hoping to review it by the end of this month, but it looks like it will be pushed to November. It looked terrific when we saw a preproduction sample in our lab in August, we are very anxious to see what Mitsubishi finally delivers on this one.

Readers have been asking why we are not covering JVC as much as we used to. The issue is that JVC has become very slow to supply review samples to the media, sometimes sending them out six months or more after shipments to dealers commence. We will look for alternative sources of supply for these units so we can review them on a more timely basis, but we do not expect to be reviewing any JVC products before the end of the year.

Evan Powell

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Reuben Posted Oct 15, 2011 10:11 AM PST
Very interested in your AR100 review. I ordered an Epson 3010 without reading any real reviews on it, I just hope their 3D has limited to no crosstalk.

The AR100 could be a very good ambient light 2D solution to many rooms in an owner's home.
Loic Posted Oct 19, 2011 5:39 AM PST
I am very impatiently waiting for the Epson 3100 review to be posted :-) Like others, I also hope it will contain a comparison to the previous generation in 2D like the 8350 since we can now find them at about the same price point ! Thanks in advance and looking forward your article !
Joe Fox Posted Oct 19, 2011 5:21 PM PST
I was hoping to see a shootout between the Panasonic PT-AE7000 and the Epson 5010 before I make a purchase... Any chance of that happening by the end of November?
Leif Posted Oct 19, 2011 7:11 PM PST
I second that... Although I was actually impatiently waiting for the review on the 3010, but maybe the 3100 is better since it's a higher number... ;-)

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