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Acer H9500 review status; Epson 8350 for Gaming

We posted the lag times for several gaming/home theater projectors last week and the Epson Home Cinema 8350 was not among them because we didn't have a unit in house at the time...

We were able to get one back in, and we're happy to report that the 8350 measures a mere one frame (17 ms) lag time, which is the fastest we've seen on any of the projectors tested to date. Right on its heels is the Panasonic AR100U, which measured 20 ms. The others measure 30 ms and up, so for gamers looking for absolute minimum video delay, you might take a look at these two particularly fast units.

Reviews: We posted a review of the Acer H9500 last night, but I've just taken it down. This is highly unusual for us, but after posting the review we received comments from readers that caused us to question whether the review may have been based on a defective sample, or whether some other issue may have caused an error in interpretation. We are looking into this further, and until we sort out these details the review will remain tabled.

Meanwhile, Bill is finishing up his review of the BenQ W7000, and we are hoping to get that posted tomorrow. Rumor has it that the Sony VW95 will arrive next week, and if that happens we'll schedule it forthwith.

Evan Powell

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kevo Posted Feb 9, 2012 11:23 AM PST
Thanks for pulling this review of the acer h9500bd. It would be great if you personally did the revie Evan
Chuckles Posted Feb 10, 2012 8:31 AM PST
I know you keep being bothered about input lag, but I have one more for you. The Optoma HD33. I was going to go with the Epson 3010E but decided the video lag was bad on the 5010 so the lag must be really bad with the wireless option. So currently I am leaning towards the HD33. Gaming is probably 70 percent of our use as we have teenage kids, so this will be the deciding factor. Thanks for the help!!


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