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Casio's LED/Laser hybrid looking good

Two new reviews posted today, the Casio XJ-H1750 with its unique LED/Laser light engine, and the dynamic little PK320 pico projector from Optoma...

Early editions of Casio's LED/laser light engine left a little to be desired with significant shortfalls from lumen specs and below average picture quality. But the latest Casio XJ-H1750 review indicates the hybrid engine has come a long way.

Meanwhile, the Optoma PK320 review has just posted as well. Picos are getting more robust than ever, and Optoma is one of the leading makers in the business.

In the world of HT, the Sony VPL-VW95ES has arrived and is in review. Look for the review on this one later next week.

Evan Powell

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Eli Posted Mar 23, 2012 7:56 AM PST
I am looking for a projector that does not project movie quality (not gonna be watching movies per say), maybe just a led or lazer shape for more light strenght but still get the movement for demonstrations. Audio at this point is not important at all. Do not care about the quality or "medium" You know how a cat will play with a lazer pen... that is kinda the idea I am going for here, I just want to picture an animal shape running... the animal might be a dog digitally manufactured... The idea I have is kinda like lazer pen that you can get a lot of distance from the wall with with a tiny light such as a pen light, I would think if a projector had LED it would be super strong from a good distance 15 feet or more even. I know this technology must exist, I just don't know what it is called.

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