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Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro 3D Polarizer

For years now, some of our readers have been asking about polarized 3D. Finally, we have something to tell them.

Our review of the Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro has just been posted. The SmartCrystal Pro is a switching polarizer designed to work with any 3D-capable DLP projector, effectively converting your active shutter glasses system into a polarized system.

If you're interested in the differences between these types of 3D, our 3D Renaissance article from 2010 enumerates the differences between types of 3D. Essentially, polarized systems use inexpensive glasses like those handed out at commercial movie theaters. If you have kids or just a lot of friends, polarization is worth a look.

Those of you with LCD projectors will have to wait, but the folks at Volfoni tell us that an LCD-compatible version is on its way soon.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a new camera that won't break the bank, you could check out our Best Camera Under $200 Shootout at 2CameraGuys. If nothing else, you'll learn exactly what a standalone camera can do that your cell phone can't.

Bill Livolsi
Associate Editor

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