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Mitsubishi to announce HC7900DW; Panasonic AE8000 review posted

Mitsubishi will be unveiling two new home theater models at CEDIA this week...

They are the DLP-based HC8000 and the HC7900DW. The HC8000 is designed for the installation channel, and is rated at 1300 lumens and 330,000:1 contrast. The HC7900DW will be in open distribution at a lower price, and is rated at 1500 lumens and 150,000:1 contrast.

One of the key competitive advantages of Mitsubishi's HC7800 was its remarkably potent 2D to 3D conversion. It simply rendered a deeper, more compelling 3D picture from 2D sources than anything else we've seen. Mitsubishi says they are carrying this capability forward with further refinements. We will be anxious to see it when it gets here next week, and the review will be done by the end of the month, assuming the sample arrives on schedule and in good working order.

Meanwhile, the Panasonic AE8000 review was posted last night. Since pricing has not yet been announced, we have no way to assign a 5-star rating on value. So that bit has been withheld until we see the final price. But this is another outstanding piece of work from Panasonic.

Evan Powell


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Terry Cunningham Posted Sep 17, 2012 8:42 AM PST
Hi Evan, I have followed your site & suggestions for a number of years, JUST GREAT!

I have moved from my original inFocus to the Mits. HC 1000, & to my current projector the Mits. HC-3800LP, Love It...

Using a 100" electric drop down screen & although a major inprovement over my previous projectors, it seems as though more & more movies are shot in very low light & are hard to see with my setup.

In your opinion will the HC7900DW solve the Grey/ Black issues? also planing to move to a 120" fixed screen in the future. Is there a street price on this projector as yet?

Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Regards, Terry

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