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Epson 3020e review posted, HT review schedule

Our review of Epson's latest low-cost home video projector, the 3020, has been posted...

Bill's review of the Epson 3020e has just been posted. This model shows nice improvements over last year's 3010, and in particular the 3D performance is substantially improved. For the money it is highly competitive. Check the review for details.

The Epson 5020 has arrived, and the review starts on Monday. I am guessing it will be completed by early the following week.

The Viewsonic Pro9000 production sample is scheduled to arrive sometime the week of the 29th, so if all goes well, we will be shooting to complete that review by Friday, November 9.

Also coming in about that same time will be the Sony HW50ES. We'll know more about that shortly. It might show up prior to the Viewsonic, and if it does, we will flip the schedule to do the Sony first. Either way, it looks like we will have many of the key 1080p models in house at once, including the Panasonic AE8000 and the Mitsubishi HC8000. That will be quite helpful for side by side evaluations.

Evan Powell


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Adam Posted Nov 5, 2012 9:31 PM PST
How does the Epson 3020 compare to the Optoma HD33? Both are similarly priced and I was considering the Optoma but I may now be leaning towards the Epson. Also have you heard anything from Optoma if they will be releasing a new model in this range anytime soon? Thanks,
Reuben Posted Nov 13, 2012 7:37 AM PST

This will not answer your question.

I have the Optoma HD33. I owned the Epson 3010. The HD33 obliterated the 3010 in 3D performance. I returned the 3010. There was so much ghosting it was unacceptable, you would look for ghosting instead of trying to enjoy the movie.

Conversely the HD33 has MINIMAL ghosting. I would say a 95% clean image. The 3010 IMO was closer to 75-80% without ghosting.

Thanks, ELmO
Alg Posted Dec 2, 2012 12:13 AM PST
Hi Can you comment on the 2D perfromance between the 2 in a dark ambient ligth room. Is there an obviouse difference in image quality. Thx Al

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