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Epson 5020 review; HT review schedule update

The Epson 5020e is the latest review posted. Here is the outlook for upcoming reviews...

Last night we posted Bill's review of the Epson Home Cinema 5020. To clarify, 5020 is shorthand. The actual model number is the 5020UB, which stands for ultra black. And it comes in both a standard and wireless version. The wireless edition which costs a few hundred extra is known as the 5020UBe, but other than the wireless enhancement they are the same projector.

Also, Epson has released the ProCinema 6020UB and 6020UBe. These models are basically the same as the 5020UB and 5020UBe but they are priced higher and packaged to be sold by custom installers and specialty home theater retail outlets rather than online resellers. The 6020 units are black, whereas the 5020's are white. And the 6020's come with a replacement lamp, an extra year of warranty, a rear cable cover, and the ability to do an anamorphic stretch for Cinemascope format presentation. Other than those differences, the review just posted of the Home Cinema 5020UBe will apply to the 6020 models as well.

How does the Epson 5020 stack up against the Panasonic AE8000? These two formidable home theater projectors go head to head for a fascinating duel. We will be posting a shootout article early next week, so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, we are still awaiting the arrival of the production version of the Viewsonic Pro9000 as well as the Sony HW50ES. The original Pro9000 review was delayed due to a discovery that the pre-production sample we had was not entirely representative of what the eventual production models would be (at least one important improvement was made that we need to check out prior to review).

At any rate, we will review both of these projectors on a priority basis once they arrive. At this time I have no firm arrival dates, but I am still hoping we can get them done this month.

Evan Powell


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Dave Palmatier Posted Nov 3, 2012 11:42 AM PST
Evan and Bill, Thanks for all your reviews of these projectors. Projectors are the hardest to actually see in stores, but the easiest to research in your articles. The big stores simply have very little expertice in projectors, and very seldom have any projectors for customers to see for themselves. My question is, what are the policies of most distributors regarding customers evaluation of their projectors, and then returning them if they don't like them? Since Best Buy and ABC, etc. simply are not educated enough to even turn them on if they even have them at all, how can a individual like me actually determine if I will like their product? I am currently interested in the Epson 5020UBe and the Panny 8000, but like older models of the same brands, aren't available to be seen anywhere. Any suggestions?

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