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Viewsonic Pro9000 review posted

It took longer than we anticipated, but the review of the Viewsonic Pro9000 has just been posted...

The ViewSonic Pro9000 is the first 1080p-resolution home theater projector with an LED/Laser hybrid light engine to be released at a consumer-friendly price point. When we looked at a pre-production sample in early October we discovered that it was cropping about 4% from all sides, even when the overscan control was set to zero. When asked about this, Viewsonic's product management said that the problem was fixed in the production run units. At that point we decided to table the review and wait for a production unit. The new unit arrived, the wait is over, and here is the ViewSonic Pro9000 review. And yes, the overscan problem does not exist in the production unit we received.

There are two things to like about the Pro9000: it has a 20,000 hour light source, which means no replacement lamp issues. And it has minimal buffer delay. We measured it at 17 ms, or one frame at 60 fps. That is great performance for video gaming, as fast as any digital home theater projector we've seen.

Unfortunately there are quite a few features you give up to get these two benefits. Bill goes into them in detail in the review so I won't recap them here. But we suspect that after weighing the trade-offs, many buyers will continue to opt for the traditional light engine machines, replacement lamps and all, for their wider array of features and superior image quality.

Evan Powell


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