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Acer and JVC reviews

The low priced ACER 5370BD review has just been posted, and the new JVC DLA-XR55 is in the works...

If you want to spend no more than about $550 for your first home video projector, the ACER 5370BD may be it. For this price you don't get native 1080p resolution, but 720p gives you a very solid picture for the money (keep in mind that 1280x720 is almost three times the resolution of a DVD signal). And for this low price you don't get a high speed color wheel either, which means lots of rainbow artifacts for those sensitive to them. Is this the right projector for you? See the review here and find out.

At the opposite end of the popular price scale is the new JVC DLA-X55R, retailing at $4,999. This full 1080p model features JVC's proprietary 2K to 4K upscaling technology. This unit has just arrived and the review begins today. With a little luck we'll have it completed by the end of next week, but we are going to do some side by side evaluations with the Epson 5020 and the Panasonic AE8000, so this review will take a bit longer than normal.

Evan Powell