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After posting the BenQ W1500 review we received numerous requests for comment on how it compares to other models in the price range...

There are so many in this niche that it calls for a more general shootout and comparison article, so we are planning to get that done as soon as we can. What complicates that plan is the imminent release of new models in this niche--we are just now entering the peak product release cycle for consumer projectors, so any shootout we do right now on currently released models will be obsolete as soon as it is posted.

One new aggressively priced 1080p home theater projector will be unveiled next Tuesday. At the moment Bill is reviewing that model, so the review will be ready to go when the product is announced. His focus on that review has slowed up some of his responses to questions on the previously posted reviews.

The BenQ W770ST is in house and will be the next consumer video projector on the bench after the current review underway is completed.

The ANSI lumen vs. Color Light Output article, which goes to the heart of competitive moves between 3LCD and DLP, is in final draft form, and it will be published later next week as well. That article is being written for professional AV buyers whose job it is to evaluate and acquire projectors for corporate board rooms, school districts, government offices, houses of worship, and so on. Consumers buying for home theater may find it interesting also. But the competitive issues related to color light output are not as relevant to projectors built for home theater since they are designed to be color optimized anyway.

Evan Powell


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HiFi Posted Aug 23, 2013 10:41 AM PST
Most consumers would prefer the BenQ W1400 which omits the flawed wireless option over the W1500. The W1400 has been released overseas but not here, at least not yet!
Chris Posted Aug 26, 2013 9:02 PM PST
Ok, this comment has sparked my interest... 'One new aggressively priced 1080p home theater projector will be unveiled next Tuesday'...

Hopefully this projector has a decent throw range, the BenQ W1070 was of interest to me but couldn't do a 90inch screen at 4m away...

Waiting with excitement!!
brian Posted Aug 27, 2013 9:16 AM PST
Might the "One new aggressively priced 1080P projector" be the Optoma HD131Xe?
vjctor Posted Sep 10, 2013 11:51 AM PST
which one is the best projector to out during day time