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CEDIA 2013 Wrap-up

The CEDIA home theater trade show just wrapped up yesterday in Denver.

Several exciting new home theater projectors were unveiled at CEDIA 2013. Here is my write up on the show, posted this morning, in case you are not on our email notification list. (If you want to be, drop us your email in the box to the upper right. We don't sell or disclose our email subscription list, or use it for anything other than to notify you of new articles and reviews.)

Evan Powell


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JoeK Posted Sep 30, 2013 9:35 AM PST
Any other comments on the 4855WU?

I'm considering that vs. the 5030. I understand contrast will be lower (though the brightness will compensate a good deal). I understand no 3D, but here are my open questions:; 1. How loud will it be? It's rated a good 10db above the 5030. That's a lot 6 feet right above my head, correct? 2. Processor and Refresh - How is video processing and is the refresh as fast as 5030. Can't find those specs. 3. Based on testing experience, how are the Epson business projectors in regards to rated lumens vs. measured (by you)? Your reviews indicate the home video/theater models tend to measure as high or higher than rated. If the 2400 rated 5030 is really 2600 and the 4200 rated 4855WU is really 3500, then the delta is much less than the specs indicate.

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