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Mitsubishi Closes Projector Division

Mitsubishi announced today that it is terminating the manufacture and sale of digital projectors...

The company is committed to full maintenance and warranty support of all units currently installed. Projector inventory that is currently in the distribution channels will continue to be sold with full warranty support.

This is unfortunate news. Mitsubishi has been a premium designer and manufacturer of both LCD and DLP projectors for many years. We have had the opportunity to develop good friendships with some great people there. We are saddened at the news of their departure from the industry, and we wish everyone at Mitsubishi who is affected by this shutdown the best of luck in their next ventures.

Evan Powell


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Jim Small Posted Oct 11, 2013 3:14 PM PST
I wonder if this means that projectors in general are in decline? Why would a company who makes projectors leave the industry if projectors were a commodity/product that was gaining in popularity? Hmmmmmm..........
Arthur Neill Posted Oct 12, 2013 6:04 AM PST
I have used projectors for watching broadcast and cable TV since the Nova Bean CRT's came out in the 70's. I use an Optoma HD81-LV DLP projector today. I project a 110" 16x9 image at 1080P. I also own a Sansung 46" LCD flat panel. To be frank, the picture on the LCD is vastly superior to what I see from the projector. The simple truth is that if I could buy a 110" 16x9 flat panel TV, I would. That may be the reason projectors may be becoming extinct in the next 10 years.
Jack Thompson Posted Oct 12, 2013 9:08 AM PST
I think the decline is due to the decline in new housing starts, especially upscale homes with dedicated home theaters. I would imagine the same decline is happening with audio equipment. The store I bought the equipment for my home theater had been in business for fifty years and was one of the first to specialize in hi-fi equipment in the Washington, DC area closed their doors last year.
Carlos Posted Oct 12, 2013 4:42 PM PST
It was expected, the japanese brands can't compete with the Korean and Chinese in terms of price and speed with new products . The Mitsubish Presentation Division it was so quiet.
JCH Posted Oct 14, 2013 3:07 AM PST
Sad news for the industry. Our best wishes for the team.
chris Posted Oct 15, 2013 9:38 AM PST
I believe this is the WalMart syndrome. There has been an erosion of costs in the projector industry to the point where many times, especially in HT, you are lucky to earn single digit margins on product. A projector that used to sell for $5000 can now be purchased for $995.00. Where margin on that $5000 unit at one time might have been 20% (or roughly $1k in profit), now might be 8pts on the $995 (roughly $79.60 profit)... so you would have to sell 12.5 projectors to equal the profit dollars of 1 projector 8-9 years ago... and in a down economy, folks just aren't selling at that ratio. So, the good news is that a consumer can buy a projector or TV for cheap. The bad news is that shortly, many of the "good" brands that can't work on those margins are going to go away, and you'll be left with "cheap" product. Either because that's all that's left, or because the "better" brands will have to dummy things down to keep prices competitive. Sure there will by high-end guys and some mid-level too, but the choice for the consumer will be effected in a very negative way as these mid-level manufacturers fall by the wayside. Too bad. I personally would much prefer the old way with lots of mom'n'pop shops and boutique manufacturers as opposed to a handful of cheap manufacturers and a select few box stores to buy the commodity from.
Nabi Posted Oct 15, 2013 12:12 PM PST
I warned everybody here a couple of years ago that this was coming--that the day was near when you'd be able to walk into Home Depot and select a 4 by 8 foot LCD TV from the stack next to the plywood. The niche for projectors is gradually going to be downsized to merely the portability factor. Hear ye, junkies! Armageddon is nigh!
Chris Posted Oct 16, 2013 7:50 PM PST
I sell projectors for a living and we sell more and more every year. The market is booming better than ever before BUT prices are plummeting. Mitsubishi, as with Toshiba and HP, couldn't keep up with the constant value drops and technological improvements that other brands like Epson are doing. The market is still going extremely well but brands just need to adapt to the trends to keep in business.
DocMcC Posted Oct 17, 2013 9:00 AM PST
Jim, You answered your own question:

Projectors are becoming a commodity hence only a few very large players can survive.

Happens everywhere - Air travel, shopping (rise of the supermarkets) etc.

A single dud/faulty product can wipe you out with warranty claims. Hence the market is only of interest if you are one of the top 3 players and have a diversified product range within the segment to offset the risk of a bad product.

Jebb Posted Oct 18, 2013 5:13 PM PST
They made a worthwhile projector (HC5000) which still serves me well since 2006 but were a little pricey. Their new models always seemed to lag with the market for features and pricing. Bye, bye on mitsu.
Jitendra S. Posted Oct 24, 2013 8:35 AM PST
So Sad news I am ex-employee of the Mitsubishi. Product quality is very good.

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