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Sony's new 4K marvel in review

We currently have the Sony VPL-VW600ES in review, the breakthrough 4K resolution projector that took CEDIA by storm...

The VS600ES is priced at $15,000, so it won't be in everyone's budget range. But this is a remarkable projector that appears to be worth every penny of the asking price.

At the moment, we are still awaiting the arrival of a 4K media player and content in order to finalize the evaluation. That should arrive this week, but in the meantime, we are seeing excellent results from the upscaling of 1080p and even standard definition DVD.

The interpolation system that upscales either 1080p or 480p produces a cleaner and apparently higher resolution picture than we normally see on 1080p resolution projectors. Its ability to make even poor DVDs look very attractive will be an added benefit to anyone with a large DVD collection. We just watched Bottle Shock, a great movie that never came out in Blu-ray, and the VS600ES made it look cleaner and more engaging than we've ever seen.

To get a true comparison of the VW600ES' upscaled picture against a pristine 1080p model, we are setting it up against the $15,000 Runco X200i. Results of this side by side comparison will be included in the review.

I don't have an estimated posting date for the Sony VW600ES review as it depends in part on when the 4K source materials arrive. But we are hoping to complete it by next week.

Evan Powell


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Ashfaq Posted Dec 19, 2013 6:53 AM PST
I enjoy reading your revies, and appreciate how you post them as soon as a projector is made available to you. May I suggest that it is about time that in your projector categories, you include a separate link for 4K projectors. Thanks.
Derrick Posted Dec 21, 2013 7:39 AM PST
Sony's new 4K projector is great, However, there are a few minor items I don't like (I own the 600). Source material, expensive and not a lot of it, especially when most of it comes from one tv/cable show. Requires two HDMI cable runs, one from the 4k media server directly to the projector and the other from your other source device. The media server must be hard wired to the internet, no wireless connection. You must use a Sony Xperia "S" or "Z" tablet to control the media server. There is another 400-500 $$. I bought a used S from amazon for $285. Without the tablet the system will not work, at all. The fan noise is very noticeable. The 1080 source material picture is Incredible and I cannot imagine any 1080p projector competing with the picture. The Sunday night football game picture is amazing, blu ray movies are an entire level up from my previous sony 50 projector. This projector is a little pricey but the picture is beautiful. There is a strange thing the projector does as it does allow for a auto calibration of color. It will be interesting to read how that feature works for a professional reviewer. I'm looking forward to the review.
SOWK Posted Dec 26, 2013 9:31 AM PST
Still waiting... Please post!!!
Reuben Ahmed Posted Dec 31, 2013 12:18 PM PST
Why would anyone buy this without having a lot of 4K content?

I could buy it since I'm an early adopter, but I don't see why. Where is the content, what is a 4K media server - how much content is sittong on it? Is every new movie released in 4K now? Don't think so.

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