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Now that the holidays are behind us, we're getting back to the review business. Here is what's coming up in the world of home theater...

We've been working with the Sony VW600ES since its arrival in late November. We love this 4K projector for a lot of reasons, but we've been unable to complete the review due to a lack of native 4K source material. Sony says it is on its way, but it has not yet arrived. We cannot finish the review without testing it with native source material, so it is in a holding pattern at the moment. The VW600ES is certainly a gorgeous projector even with 1080p material, and this review will be published as soon as the 4K player and source material arrive and we've had some stick time with it.

It has been quite interesting to see the differences between the Sony VW600ES and the Runco X200i, both priced at $15,000. This side by side comparison will be included in the review.

And as long as the Runco X200i is here, it is time to check out just how much difference in image quality there is between this premium 1080p DLP projector at $15,000 and the modestly priced Epson Pro Cinema 6030UB at $3,500. After all, these are both state of the art 1080p home theater projectors at their respective price points. And the 6030 actually has higher brightness and contrast ratings (although Epson and Runco do not use the same methodology for establishing their numbers, so the numbers are apples and oranges).

In the end, the obvious question is what do you get for the extra $11,500? This week we will be doing some side by side comparisons between the Runco X200i and the Epson 6030 to see if we can get a better idea of the relative value proposition of each product. I will have that write up done for posting next week.

On top of all this, CES is happening this week in Las Vegas. As a result we've got some vendor meetings scheduled.

We're looking forward to a terrific 2014, and wishing you the same.

Evan Powell


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Qaz Posted Jan 10, 2014 10:27 AM PST
are you not working on the new Sony VPL review?